Commissioner of Railway Safety to inspect newly constructed 3rd line between Kalaikunda-Jhargram on 09, Feb 2021

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Commissioner of Railway Safety, South Eastern Circle will inspect the newly constructed 3rd line between Kalaikunda-Jhargram of Kharagpur-Adityapur 3rd line project o­n 09.02.2021.

In this connection all railway users of Railway lines and premises situated o­n the completed section of South Eastern Railway (SER) to note that 25000 Volt, 50 Hz, AC overhead traction wires are energized in this section. 

  • The overhead traction line is energized and to be treated as live at all times and no unauthorised person shall approach or work in the proximity of the said overhead line.
  • It is notified for information of the public that in connection with energization of 25 Kv Electric Traction over the new 3rdline between Kalaikunda-Jhargram of South Eastern Railway, height gauges have been erected at all the level crossings with clear maximum height of 4.78m above road level with a view to prevent loads of excessive height from coming into contact or dangerous proximity to live traction wire, which shall be at a height of maximum 5.5m above the rail level at level crossings.
  • During this inspection speed trial will be conducted with a special train in this Jhargram-Kalaikunda section o­n 09.02.2021. 
  • All are requested to keep away from the track for safety of life and property.

Recent Achievement:

The prime work of Electrical Department in railways is to look after Planning, Operation and Maintenance of all electrical assets which include Electrical Locomotives and Tractions. Maintenance of Traction Substation for uninterrupted power supply, maintenance of all lifts and escalators, air-conditioning equipments, maintenance of all electrical gadgets, fittings and fixtures, maintenance of pump houses etc. have been taken care of during the nationwide lockdown in the wake of Covid-19

  • Several Electrical Maintenance Depots are spread over South Eastern Railway to undertake maintenance of power installations.
  • South Eastern Railway (SER) has taken stringent measures in the area of non traction energy conservation. 
  • This railway has achieved a saving of 12.3 million units non traction power (general services) and has resulted in monetary savings of Rs. 5.32 crore during the financial year 2020-21 upto November as compared to the corresponding period of previous financial year 2019-20.
  • This landmark saving has been possible by taking measures like:-
    • Provision of LED lights for all stations, service buildings, quarters, street light etc.
    • Installation of 2.306MWp solar rooftop plants over SER.
    • Implementation of 70% – 30% lighting system in stations over SER.
    • Pre-paid meters have been installed at several places over SER.
    • Reduction in contract demand at Tatanagar and Adra.

Source: South Eastern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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