Complete Summary: Mumbai Urban Transport Project-3A

The Maharashtra Cabinet in December last year approved the Rs 55,000 crore Mumbai Urban Transport Project 3A (MUTP-3A), moved one step closer to implementation of several big-ticket rail infrastructure projects.

Some of the major projects covered under MUTP-3A include-

  • CSMT-Panvel elevated fast corridor (Rs 12,331 crore)
  • New Virar-Panvel corridor (Rs 7089 crore)
  • Procurement of 210 air-conditioned EMUs (Rs 17,374 crore)
  • Extension of Harbour line between Goregaon and Borivali (826 crore)
  • Implementation of new CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) signalling system
  • Introduction of 2 more lines between Borivali and Virar
  • Upgradation & modernisation of 16 suburban stations.

More Information:

  • It will be placed before the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs (CCEA) for final approval.
  • The cabinet also issued a Government Resolution (GR) pertaining to the relocation and rehabilitation of people affected by the project, which will be done on the lines of earlier MUTP projects.
  • As far as funding is concerned, MRVC (Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation), the nodal agency of the project, will raise around Rs 14,000 crore through loans from banking institutions.
  • MRVC is expected to approach a consortium of banks, including the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the loan.
  • The remaining cost will be shared between the Railways and the Maharashtra Government on a 50:50 basis.

MRVC has conceptualized all rail based projects for Sustainable Urban Transport in the MMR region and put it in a single basket, named MUTP 3A.

Major Components of MUTP-3A are-

S No.

MUTP-3A corridors Route Km

Cost in cr.


Fast elevated corridor between CSMT-Panvel on Harbour line 55 12331
2. New Suburban corridor between Panvel-Virar 70



Extension of Harbour Line between Goregaon-Borivali 7



5th & 6th line between Borivali-Virar 26



4th line between Kalyan-Asangaon 32



3rd & 4th line between Kalyan-Badlapur 14



Kalyan Yard – Segregation of Long distance and Suburban Traffic  



(A) CBTC on CSMT-Panvel on Harbour Line 49



(B) CBTC on CSMT-Kalyan on Central Railway




(C) CBTC on CCG-VR on Western Railway




Station Improvement  



Procurement of Rolling Stock – 210 AC EMU rakes   17374
11. Maintenance facilities for Rolling Stock  



Stabling Lines   557
13. Augmentation of Power Supply Arrangement  



Technical Assistance   250
  Grand Total  


Fast elevated corridor between CSMT-Panvel on Harbour Line including spur to New Mumbai International Airport.

  • A Standard Gauge, running metro AC coaches, 55 km long with 11 stations at a cost of 12300 cr.
  • Will cut short the commuting time between CSMT to Panvel to 50 min.
  • Will connect to New Mumbai International Airport through Spur and a_ connection between existing Airport to New Airport
  • Thus provide the connectivity between CSMT, Panvel, Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and the New Mumbai International Airport.

New Suburban corridor between Panvel-Virar –

There exists a rail corridor between Panvel-Vasai MUMBAI SUBURBAN RAILWAY NETWORK Road, which is fully saturated as the entire traffic coming from north for JNPT and vice-versa moves on these lines along with passenger trains between North Western India and South India/Konkan Railway.

There is demand for running suburban services on this section, which is not possible on the existing lines.

A new suburban line will enhance the accessibility of eastern MMR and induce its development. The Panvel-Vasai-Virar suburban corridor will augment passenger capacity to a great extent in Mumbai providing crucial East- West connectivity Twenty four stations (13 existing and’11 new) are proposed along the new suburban corridor from Panvel to Virar, providing long awaited East-West Connectivity right from Dhanau Road to Karjat.

Extension of Harbour Line between Goregaon to Borivali :

Presently the Harbour line connects CSMT with Goregaon. This will be extended to Borivali thus providing a direct connection to CSMT for people of Borivali. and also Ease some load from existing Badra-Borivali Western Railway corridor

5th & 6th Line between Borivali to Virar:

There are 5 lines between Mumbai Central and Borivali 6th line is under construction. From Borivali to Virar there are only 4 lines.

This proposal will segregate the suburban and non-suburban services on Western Line right from Virar to Mumbai Central and will provide independent slow and fast suburban corridors between Virar to Churchgate thus improving line capacity and resulting in increase of services.

4th  line between Kalyan-Asangaon:

Kalyan to Kasara is important route connecting Mumbai with North part of Country. The existing two lines are carrying mix traffic of Mail/ express, Goods trains and also suburban services. There is substantial development of residential area up to Asangaon on Kalyan- Kasara section.

There is sanctioned work of 3″ line between Kalyan —Kasara presently in execution by Central Railway. Present services are run with terminal at Titwala, Asangaon & Kasara.

Construction of 4th line upto Asangaon will provide proper suburban connectivity to this upcoming section which is home to millions of Mumbaikars.

3rd & 4th line between Kalyan-Badlapur –

Kalyan to Karjat is an important route connecting Mumbai to Southern and Eastern part of country. The existing two lines between Kalyan and Karjat are carrying mix traffic of Mail/ express, Goods trains and also suburban services. .

The Satellite towns and cities of Badlapur, Ambarnath, Ulhasnagar need proper suburban rail connection for journey to Kalyan and Mumbai. Present services are run with terminals at Ambernath, Badlapur, Karjat, Khopoli and cannot be increased due to saturation on Kalyan Badlapur section

The new suburban corridor from Kalyan to Badlapur will enable augmentation of suburban rail services and will provide much need suburban rail connectivity to these towns and will provide the infrastructure for their development.

Kalyan Yard – Segregation of Long distance and Suburban Traffic –

Kalyan is one of the busiest junction of Mumbai with traffic from Northern and Southern India converging at Kalyan . After Kalyan Yard modification, there will be complete segregation of suburban and long distance traffic.

It will decongest the crowding on platforms, facilitate smooth movements & augmentation of suburban services.

This will facilitate better suburban network connectivity with proposed corridors between Kalyan-Asangaon and Kalyan-Badlapur under MUTP 3A.

Separate and independent Platforms will be available for dealing with long distance trains avoiding their clashing with Suburban traffic.

Augmentation of Carrying Capacity and Safety enhancement using Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) –

Introduction of CBTC (communication Based Train Control System) on Suburban Sections will enhance not only the safety of the section but will also reduce the headway on these sections thus increasing capacity for running of additional services.

With the introduction of CBTC, it would be possible to provide the Platform Screen Doors (PSD). Platform screen doors will minimise the cases of trespass at stations which results in the casualties as people cross the platforms through track and not using FOBs.

CBTC is proposed to be introduced on all sections of Suburban Mumbai viz

  1. CSMT-Panvel on Harbour and Trans Harbour Line of Central Railway –
  2. CSMT-Kalyan on Central Railway- on both slow and fast lines.
  3. Churchgate-Virar on Western Railway – on both slow and fast lines.

Station Improvement:

There are total 119 stations on Mumbai Suburban Railway System. Most of the stations are more than 80 years old and highly congested. All suburban stations need to be improved and upgraded from passenger’s amenities point of view.

In addition, the circulating space for passengers has become restricted due to augmentation of service and increase of length of trains to 12/15 coach. There is urgent need for additional circulating space by provision of elevated decks, interconnection between FoBs, improving entry/exit projects. It is planned to upgrade about 16 Suburban Stations by provision of FoB’s, elevated decks, inter connection between deck/FoB’s, skywalk, relocation of service buildings, stalls, kiosks etc., improving entry/exit, improve circulating area, provision of green space, improvement in general lighting and general electrical services etc. A sum of 947 cr has been earmarked for this work.

Air-conditioned EMU Rakes –

At present 258/12 car EMU rakes are used for providing 2951 trains services every day. There is a problem of overcrowding and casualties due to falling of passengers from trains. 210 Air Conditioned rakes with automatic closing doors will be procured to provide a better and safe service to people of Mumbai.

EMU Maintenance facilities –

Suitable EMU facilities to take care of maintenance of the enhanced number of EMU rakes by way of additional facilities in existing workshops and car shed and additional car shed and workshop have been planned.

One Carshed-cum-POH Workshop at Mohope on Panvel-Karjat line and other at Kalwar on Panvel-Virar on CR and one Carshed-cum-Workshop between Virar-Dahanuis proposed for maintenance cum POH facilities.

Stabling Lines

97 new stabling lines to take care of the additional EMU rakes in the system have been proposed.

Power Supply Augmentation- Traction Power Supply & General Power Supply-

To take care of the additional power requirement due to additional and _air- conditioned rakes, three additional traction sub-stations and sectioning posts on CR and two additional traction sub-station and two sectioning posts on WR have been proposed. Additional Feeder cable – Thakurli to Badlapur and Thakurli to Asangaon will also be provided.

( With inputs from MRVC )

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