Construction Engineers bags Rs. 48.63 crore civil contract for USBRL Project

IRCON International Limited (IRCON) has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to M/s. Construction Engineers for the Construction of Civil Works in RE Project Between Banihal (incl.) Baramulla (incl.) Section, Construction of Precast RCC Boundary Wall & Boundary Pillars from Arpinchala Yard to Bridge No.145 B, Banihal (Chainage KM 123/920 to KM 150/440) & Strengthening and Improvement of Existing Approach Road from Holina & NH 44 to Tunnel T-74R (North) on USBRL Project, J&K (Package: RE & Protection Works). 

  • Tender No.: IRCON/J&K CELL/JAT/14/1014/K-B/Buildings/RE & Protection Works/438
  • Completion Period: 24 Months
  • Awarded Value of Contract: INR 48.63 Crores
  • Estimated Cost including GST @ 12%: INR 37.91 Crores
  • Negotiated Quoted Percentage (Above/Below /At Par): 28.29% Above 
  • Negotiated Quoted Amount including GST @ 12%: INR 48.63 Crores
  • Total Amount including GST (INR): INR 48.63 Crores

About the Project:

  • The USBRL (Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Rail Link) is a National project undertaken by the Indian Railways for construction of a broad-gauge railway line through the Himalayas with the aim of connecting the Kashmir region with rest of the country. 
  • The all-weather, comfortable, convenient and cost effective mass transportation system will be the catalyst for the overall development of the northernmost alpine region of the country. 
  • Construction of the first three phases of the project has been completed and the line is in operational use for running of trains between Baramulla-Banihal in Kashmir valley and Jammu-Udhampur-Katra in Jammu region. 
  • Work on the intervening 111 Km section Katra-Banihal, the most arduous and treacherous portion due to its geology and extensive riverine system replete with deep gorges is ongoing. 
  • There are several iconic bridges and tunnels coming up in this section. 
  • Most of the rail track is slated to be in tunnels or bridges in this section. 
  • In the absence of an effective surface transport system in this in-hospitable region, Railways had to first lay access roads to the tune of 205 Km to reach the construction sites.
  • Three agencies; IRCON, KRCL and Northern Railway with extensive experience in construction of rail lines are involved in this project. 
  • Many international agencies and premier Indian institutes like IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, DRDO and Geological Survey of India are providing expertise in planning and implementation. 
  • Several sets of tunnelling machineries and cranes have also been imported.
  • Presently 95% of the Arch work of the Chenab Bridge, world’s tallest railway bridge is complete, while the work on the Anji bridge, an asymmetric cable stayed bridge is on in full swing.  
  • 81.21Km of the total 97.64 Km main tunnelling and 53.50 Km out of 60.5 Km escape tunnel works have been completed. 
  • 12 mega and 10 minor bridges have been completed. 
  • Laying of the remaining 12 mega bridges and one more minor bridge is to be completed by 2021-22.

Source: IRCON-Tender update | Image Credit: MoR

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