Converged Security Solutions For Railway & Metro Stations By Cohesive Technologies


Author: Mr. Ashdhir Kinra – CEO,
Cohesive Technologies 
Security is the basic requirement for each and every citizen and we are ready to fulfill the most of it.


Cohesive Technologies brings a wide range of products with total security solutions for the people who are going to the public places so that they can lead a fearless life.

Railway Stations with powerful and affordable security solutions is a need in the present world. Over various times we have seen that our railway stations are not as safe as we wanted them to be. From women to children we must have prioritized the security not only at our homes, schools, and offices but also in public places like railway stations, metro stations, and bus stands.

Cohesive Technologies brings a diverse range of security solutions such as surveillance cameras, SIP Speakers, Video Door Intercom and countless more products. Cohesive Technologies deals with a broad array of surveillance products with some incredible hallmarks. The multiple categories of cameras have some exceptional features, some of them are high definition picture quality, 360 degrees rotation which is able to keep an eye at each and every area, motorized zoom lens which is perfect for long-distance surveillance in areas such as parking lots, Railway Stations and airports. Cameras also have superior night visibility, high frame rate which triples the number of frames offered by conventional HD network cameras. It enables cameras to capture real-time and low-latency images of fast-moving objects clearly. It also has sensor-based WDR technology which allows the camera to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under the extreme backlight and high contrast conditions. The ratio that the brightest light signal values divided by the darkest light signal values is up to 140dB.

The SIP speakers are helpful in announcing some important information in large areas. It may be the parking lot, school ground, railway station, bus station or your office building. It is helpful to make your important announcements loud and clear.

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.