Delhi-Gurugram-SNB RRTS update: Bids invited for Pre-construction Building/structure condition survey for construction of tunnels

In continuation to tender for Carrying out Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), the National Capital Region Transport Corporation Ltd. (NCRTC) has now invited open e-bids (Electronic Bid) (Manual bids are not permitted) on Local Competitive Bidding (LCB) for the following contract package:

Bid No. DA/GC/COR-OF/022: Engagement of Consultant for Pre-construction Building/structure condition survey for construction of tunnels for underground section of Delhi (Sarai Kale Khan)- SNB Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) Corridor.

  • Completion period of work: 04 months
  • Bid Security: INR 2,39,000
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 1,19,60,570 (Excluding GST)
  • Last date of Seeking Clarifications: 03.08.2020
  • Bid submission start date: 17.08.2020
  • Bid submission end date: 24.08.2020 up to 1500 Hrs
  • Date & Time of opening of Bid (Technical Bid only): 25.08.2020 at 1500 Hrs.

Scope of work:

The objective of the work is to assess and record the existing condition of the specified buildings and structures falling within the influence zone of 50m on either side of the proposed underground alignment of SKK-SNB RRTS corridor for following section :-

  • Section I: Sarai Kale Khan (SKK) to Udyog Vihar station
  • Section II: Rajiv Chowk to Kherki Daula Toll Plaza
  • Section III: Manesar to Panchgaon

The structures to be surveyed under this work include residential house/commercial buildings/any other building within the predefined influence zone. The survey will be carried out considering primary objective of recording the pre-construction status of all buildings and structures falling within the influence zone of 50 m on either side of center line of proposed tunnel alignment and 50 m on either side of Station Area. The records should include age of building, building type, Structure Type, Storey height, expected foundation types (as per verbal information of owner or as per foundation drawing plan if available), visible defects supported by sketches and photographs as appropriate.

Condition survey shall broadly include close visual examination of various building components to capture any sign of distress such as cracks, spalling of concrete/plaster, Dampness, efflorescence, peeling of plaster, exposed reinforcements etc. In case of any conflict in identification of the number of units, the decision of the engineer-in-charge shall be final & binding to the successful bidder.

Following activities are required to be carried out for execution of work but are not limited to :

1. Liaison with property owners: The liaising with property owners/tenants for carrying out building condition survey shall be taken up by agency to seek their permission for carrying out condition survey of the building from inside. An authorization stating thatAgency has been asked to carry out this work on behalf of the NCRTC shall be provided for this purpose.

2. Collecting Basic Information: Some basic information about the location, type, usage and maintenance of the building shall be collected. These details will be as follows:

  • Key Plan of the Area showing the location of the building.
  • Photograph of the front elevation.
  • Address of the Building.
  • Owner/Representative – Name, Address and Telephone Number.
  • Contact person at site – Name, Telephone Number etc.
  • Type of Building – No of stories.
  • Whether framed structure/load bearing walls.
  • Plaster, stone cladding etc.
  • Usage – Used for what purpose-Residential/commercial/industrial.
  • History of Building – When constructed.
  • Whether structural drawings are available.
  • Any subsequent changes/alterations etc. carried out.
  • Any serious damage/fire repair etc.
  • Foundations Type (as per foundation drawing plan if available or in case plan not available, foundation information will be as per verbal information from building owner).

3. Details of the Borewell/ tube wells/open wells in the building or outside the building in the influence zone along the underground alignment of the SKK-SNB RRTS Corridor. Study items also includes the but not limited to:

S. No.                                     Study Item
1Location of Borewell/ Tube well /Open well
2Construction year
3Owner Information
4Well Structure type
5Well Type
6Depth of well
7Condition of usage

Other necessary item for tunnel construction regarding open well

4. Detailed Inspection of the Structures: Each building shall be visited, and its physical condition determined by visual inspection. Mapping of all the defects shall be carried out and photographs of signs of distress in the building to be taken. This process will be carried out on a logical basis for all accessible parts of the building, internally and externally. The visual inspection and mapping of defects shall be carried out for all the floors and for the basement, ground floor, other floors, roof and the balconies etc. Typical defects could be as follows:

  • Cracks
  • Spalling of Concrete/Plaster
  • Efflorescence
  • Dampness
  • Peeling of Plaster
  • Exposed Reinforcements

The width of all existing cracks shall be measured with a crack gauge.

5. Preparation of Detailed Condition Survey Reports: The information collected above shall be summarized and a detailed report of the existing conditions of the surveyed buildings shall be prepared on the basis of visual condition survey, crack mapping and other filed observations reported in the format of a condition survey report. The condition survey report of each building/ structure shall include the following:

  • A survey form signed by agency and the owner(s) wherever possible.
  • Location plan of the structure on topo sheets.
  • General information about the building in the prescribed format.
  • Building Plan prepared in Autocad.
  • Elevation drawing of each wall showing defects in each wall by using different hatching for dampness, efflorescence, cracks, exposed bricks etc.
  • A summary sheet of all defects floor wise in the building along with Photographs of all distresses and front elevation of the structure.
  • Any other item as applicable.

Authority and place for submission of Bid Security, Cost of bid documents, Details of MSEs/ Startup business, seeking clarifications on bid documents and address for pre bid meeting:

Group General Manager/ Procurement, National Capital Region Transport Corporation Ltd. 7/6, Siri Fort Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi – 110049

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Fax: +91-11-41066953

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Source: NCRTC-Tender