Delhi Metro registers record punctuality and reliability this monsoon, ensures uninterrupted services for commuters

Delhi Metro has emerged as the most preferred and reliable mode of transport in the wake of record rain witnessed in recent history and Yamuna River flooding the areas along its plain disrupting lives and movement of thousands of people in the month so far.

More Details:

  • The first two weeks passenger journeys during weekdays have crossed the 60 lakh mark on multiple days, a phenomenon which is generally witnessed during Mondays only.
  • In the past two weeks (weekdays i.e, Mon to Fri) of this month so far, Delhi Metro has registered over 60 million passenger journeys on multiple days, especially the last three days (11,12,13 July) of this week.
  • These were the days most impacted by rain especially near the areas such as Kashmere Gate, Yamuna Bank, Mayur Vihar etc. The pattern of passenger journeys on a higher side establishes DMRC’s reliability in the adverse scenario faced by the capital city.
  • DMRC has registered a punctuality rate (trains running on time) of 99.87% in this month so far. Similarly, the reliability rate (actual train trips performed against scheduled train trips in a day) has been registered at a record 99.93% during the same period. These are considered one the highest punctuality & reliability rates in Metro services worldwide.
  • Yesterday when areas near Kashmere Gate were inundated with water, DMRC’s Kashmere Gate Receiving Substation (RSS)- the main source of power supply for running of trains/stations on 17 KM stretch of the 34 .5 KM long Red Line was force closed as its main source of power i.e, Delhi Tansco Limited’s power station located nearby was submerged.
  • However, DMRC’s team of engineers planned for such an emergency in advance working overnight to ensure that its services on the Red Line are not disrupted even for a minute.
  • Arrangements were made to keep the Red Line running by providing power supply from remaining two RSSs of the Line i.e, from Rithala RSS (meant for 8 KM stretch only- supplied power to additional 17 KM falling under KG RSS) and Arthla RSS (meant for 9 KM stretch only).
  • Such planning not only prevented the shutdown of Red Line but also ensured that Violet Line– which is also dependent on Kashmere Gate RSS, too remains fully functional. Violet Line was alternatively provided power supply from New Delhi RSS which is primarily meant for Yellow Line.
  • In addition, DMRC is stableing additional trains on the main Line also for the past two days where Depots are in the vicinity of Yamuna which includes Red Line, Yellow Line, Blue Line and Magenta Line.
  • This mechanism ensures that in case these depots are flooded or makes movement of trains difficult to reach the main line due to excess water, DMRC is still able to provide the best possible services on its Lines with the trains already stabled on the mainline.
  • DMRC’s operations and maintenance staff are ensuring that metro stations remain clean, no water gets accumulated in its premises and best example of that is Kashmere Gate Metro station which happens to be one of the largest Metro stations of the network where three Lines interchanges.
  • The station too has been efficiently managed when everything around it is inundated. Similarly, Yamuna Bank station is also functioning with seamless interchange though entry/exit to the station has been closed as access roads to the station are flooded.
  • DMRC is keeping a strict vigil on the safety of its systems, equipment and also reviewing the preparedness and planning for further emergencies, if they arise due to excessive rains, in its commitment to keep providing one of the safest, reliable and punctual services in Delhi-NCR.



Passenger Journeys

Punctuality & Reliability of Metro services (1st to 13th July)

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During normal days, pattern of passenger journeys is largely in descending order as the week progresses from Mon to Fri.















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Source: DMRC- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Unsplash