Delhi Metro Spreads Awareness on Covid – 19 at Construction Sites with the help of Pictorial Messages

It is often said that “An image is worth a thousand words” . DMRC’s engineers have kept this age old adage in mind while planning the awareness campaign regarding precautions for Covid – 19 at its construction sites.

Along with all conventional methods to raise awareness about this pertinent issue, a number of pictorial awareness messages have been painted at DMRC’s sites so that the workers keep getting reminded about the precautions while at work.

At almost every corner of the construction sites, there is a pictorial message, with relevant information which alert workers about the various precautions they are supposed to take. While the messages are largely bilingual, a lot of focus has been laid on the use of Hindi as a lot of workers are more proficient in reading Hindi.

The campaign has been planned meticulously under the supervision of DMRC’s Safety department. All relevant government guidelines and advisories have been taken into consideration while planning the content. Easy language and pictorials have been used so that the messages are satisfactorily conveyed.

However, getting the messages painted was a major challenge for DMRC and its contractors as most of the painters, who are generally engaged for such assignments, were unavailable during the ongoing lockdown. As an alternative mechanism, printed banners in flex were installed at a number of locations.

Pictorial messages have been an integral part of the safety strategy at DMRC’s construction sites ever since Phase 1. Attractive messages, rhymed couplets filled with humour are often painted on the walls to convey important messages regarding construction site safety and site hygiene. This is for the first time that such messaging is being used to spread awareness about a disease.

Presently, DMRC is carrying out construction at about five to six different sites in the city including work sites of Dhansa, Airport Express Line expansion work in Dwarka as well as sites/casting yards for Phase 4 projects.

All guidelines set by the government agencies are being implemented while resuming works and contractors/workers are being sensitised about the precautionary guidelines at the beginning of work during the tool workshops. Displays with the necessary information regarding social distancing have been installed at the sites. Masks, sanitizers and thermal scanners have been made available at the sites as well. DMRC’s engineers are keeping a very close eye at the sites to ensure all norms are followed.

Source: DMRC – Press Release

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