Delhi Metro starts operation of metro services between Najafgfarh and Dhansa Bus Stand section of Grey Line with automated signalling system

Delhi Metro will commence the operation of Metro services between Najafgfarh and Dhansa Bus Stand section of Grey Line through both Up & Down Line movement with automated signalling system from today onwards i.e, 25th November 2022.

More Details:

  • Till now, services on this section were being operated through a single line in manual mode.
  • From today, services on this Line will now be available with a headway of 07 minutes 30 seconds during peak-hours (from the present 12 min)  and 12 minutes (from the present 15 min) during off-peak hours.
  • In addition, with the commencement of this double line movement, the run-time on Grey Line from Dwarka to Dhansa Bus Stand will also significantly decrease by approx 04 minutes and will be around 08 minutes.

Details Of The Najafgarh – Dhansa Bus Stand Corridor:

  • Length between Najafgarh and Dhansa Bus Stand: 1.2 kms
  • Gauge: Standard Gauge
  • Colour Code: Grey
  • Interchange: Dwarka (with Blue Line)
  • Entry & Exit: 3
  • Escalators: 7
  • Lift: 5
  • Depot: Najafgarh
  • 6 coach Platform length
  • Stations on Grey Line: 04 Dwarka, Nangli, Najafgarh and Dhansa Bus Stand out of which Dwarka and Nangloi are elevated stations while Najafgarh and Dhansa Bus Stand are underground stations.

Special Features of the Station:

  • The station has been designed as a four-level underground structure where there will be the platform at the bottom (at an approximate depth of 18 metres) followed by the concourse and then an entire floor for parking above it with the roof level at the top (ground level).
  • Dhansa Bus Stand Metro station has the first ever underground Metro station of the Delhi Metro network to have an entire underground floor dedicated for parking of vehicles.
  • The parking facility will be integrated with the main station area where vehicle users will be able to park their cars and two wheelers and then proceed to the concourse of the station directly using lifts and escalators.
  • The parking lot is equipped with facilities such as the entry and exit ramps, lifts, staircases, escalators etc.
  • The facility has a parking space for about 110 cars and 185 two wheelers. There would be provision for property development activities at the ground level in the future.

Source: DMRC- Press Release | Image Credit: DMRC