Delhi Metro Update: First of the twin tunnels on Janakpuri West-Krishna Park Extension stretch to be completed by September

Despite several constraints induced by the second wave of the Covid – 19 pandemic in the last few months, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) continued with the construction work of its Phase 4 corridors and achieved a few important construction landmarks as well.

  • Prior to the imposition of lockdown in April, 2021, the number of workers at DMRC’s sites exceeded the 4,000 mark.
  • However, after the lockdown many workers decided to leave their sites for their native places.
  • In addition, many workers who had left earlier for the Holi festival did not return either.
  • This led to a gradual decrease in the workforce to about 2,500.
  • DMRC not only took care of the workers who stayed back with medical care, accommodation etc. but also achieved some important landmarks in its Phase 4 construction work. During this period, all Covid related guidelines given by the government from time to time were also stringently followed.
  • After the lifting of Covid related restrictions, now there is a gradual increase in the manpower available at DMRC’s sites.

Tunneling Progress:

  • The tunneling work between Janakpuri West and Krishna Park Extension on the Janakpuri West – RK Ashram Marg corridor for DMRC’s first underground section of Phase 4 achieved many important targets during this period.
  • During these months, DMRC completed the tunneling of 500 metres of one of the 2.8 kilometre long twin tunnels.
  • Delhi Metro has also completed casting of over 50% of tunnel segments in the casting yard.
  • The first of the twin tunnels on this stretch is expected to be completed by September later this year.

Erection of T-girders:

  • On the same stretch, DMRC achieved another major milestone by erecting Phase 4’s first ever T-girder at Mukarba Chowk last month.
  • These T-girders are pre-tensioned and are cast at the casting yard in Mundka.
  • After casting, these girders are brought to the site and launched with the help of two mammoth 400 MT capacity cranes.

  • The length of each girder is 37 metres and weight is around 90 MT.
  • The piers over which the first girder was erected is about 18 meters from ground level.
  • In addition, load testing of the launcher has been done at Majlis Park and launching of the u-girder will start with the launcher on the same stretch from Majlis Park to Mukarba Chowk.

Progress of the other Phase-4 corridors:

  • On the Majlis Park – Maujpur corridor as well, steady progress was made despite the manpower related constraints.
  • Casting of U-Girders, T-Girders, erection of U-Girders, Pier Caps, construction of piers at the station as well as viaduct locations were carried on.
  • Work on Delhi Metro’s 5th bridge over the river Yamuna is also going on as part of this corridor near the Signature Bridge.
  • This corridor is significant as its completion will complete the entire ring of connectivity on the Pink Line.
  • On the Tughalakabad – Aerocity corridor, the casting yard at Panchsheel Park was prepared for casting with installation of all necessary equipment such as the erection of gantry cranes.
  • The casting work of u-girders and piles was also continued.
  • The Aerocity – Tughlakabad Metro corridor, colour coded silver will connect the Kashmere Gate – Raja Nahar Singh Violet Line with the Airport Express Line.   

Tenders Update:

  • In April and May, 2021, four major civil tenders of DMRC Phase 4’s underground sections were also floated.
  • These are all being funded by the loan received through JICA. While three tenders are from the Aerocity – Tughalakabad corridor, one is from the Janakpuri West – RK Ashram Marg corridor.
  • All the tenders are at different stages of processing now.

Additional Details:

  • With improvement in the Covid – 19 scenario in the country, it is expected that construction work will gain further pace in the days ahead.
  • Already multiple vaccination camps have been organized at the sites for the workers and more are expected to follow.
  • A campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination among workers has also been conducted.
  • DMRC is currently engaged in construction of 65 kilometres of new lines across three priority corridors as part of its Phase 4 expansion.
  • These corridors are expected to be completed by 2025.
  • However, given the fact that the Covid scenario is still evolving, the completion targets shall be reviewed accordingly.

Source: DMRC-Press Release