Delhi Metro Update: Tender invited for annual maintenance of ECS, TVS, BMS and WTP work for 5 underground stations for 5 years

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) has invited open e-tenders from eligible applicants, who fulfil qualification criteria for CAMC of Environment Control System (ECS), Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS), Building Management System (BMS) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for 5 underground stations (Janakpuri West to Indira Gandhi Domestic Airport) of line-8 for five (05) years.

  • Tender Reference Number: CAMC 2022-2
  • Name of Work: CAMC of Environment Control System (ECS), Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS), Building Management System (BMS) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for 5 underground stations (Janakpuri West to Indira Gandhi Domestic Airport) of line-8 for five (05) years.
  • Approximate Cost of work: INR 10.44 Crore
  • EMD: INR 2.09 Lakh
  • Period Of Work: 60 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 13th December, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 12th January, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 30th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 06th January, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 12th January, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 13th January, 2023

Scope of Work:

Site of Work:

  • The Five Year Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) of Environmental Control  System (ECS), Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS), BUILDING Management System (BMS) and  Water Treatment Plant (WTP) shall be executed at 5 Underground Stations (Underground stations of Phase-III MRTS project of DMRC) of Line-8 (Magenta Line) namely:
    • Janakpuri West(JPW)
    • Dabrimor-Janakpuri South(DBMR)
    • Dashrathpuri(DSHP)
    • Palam(PALM)
    • Indira Gandhi Domestic Airport(IGDA)

Equipments Covered under CAMC:

  • The Component/equipment covered under Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract shall include complete Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC and BMS Equipment Associated with Environment Control System (ECS), Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS) and Water Treatment Plant at Five (5) nos. DMRC underground stations as mentioned at Para 1.0 above. The Equipments covered under CAMC (but not limited to) are as follows:
    • Water Cooled Chillers (WCC).
    • Air Cooled Chillers (ACC).
    • Cooling Towers (CT).
    • Air Handling Units (AHU).
    • Chiller Water Pumps (CHWP) – Primary & Secondary.
    • Condenser Water Pumps (CWP).
    • Air Cooled Chiller Pumps (ACHP).
    • Make up pumps for the Chilled Water Line.
  • Ventilation Fans: Ventilation Exhaust Fan (VEF), Ventilation Supply Fan (VSF), Fresh Air Fan (FAF), Propeller Fans etc.
  • Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS), Tunnel Ventilation Fans (TVF), Trackway Exhaust Fans (TEF)/Return Air Fan (RAF), Tunnel Booster Fans (TBF), Staircase Pressurization Fans (SPF), Smoke Extraction Fans (SEF) and all associated dampers.
  • Variable Frequency Drives for AHU, TEF, RAF, FAF and Primary/Secondary Chiller Water Pumps.
  • Fan Coil Units (FCU) including Thermostats, associated piping, cladding, cabling and all electrical accessories.
  • Dampers including Control Damper, Damper Actuators, Motor Operated Damper (MOD), Motorized Fire Damper (MFD), Fire Manual Damper (FMD), Fusible Link Fire Dampers (FLFD), Manual Dampers (MD), OTE & UPE Dampers, Tunnel Ventilation Dampers (TVD), Louvers, and Grills & Diffusers associated with ECS and TVS.
  • Ducting (Fire and Non-Fire rated)
  • Duct Insulation (Fire & Non Fire rated)
  • Piping (overhead/ underground) related to ECS and Softener System Including all types of Valves, Motorised operated valve (MOV), Pipe Insulation, and Cladding etc.
  • Air and Dirt Separator, Vacuum Degasser,Expansion Tank for Water and Air cooled Chillers.
  • All associated equipment related to ECS, TVS system including Differential Pressure Transducer (DPT), Differential Pressure Switch (DPS), Refrigerant Monitoring Module, Scale Guard etc.
  • Power Cabling related to ECS, TVS and BMS systems.
  • All control cables related to ECS,TVS and BMS systems.
  • Electrical Automation of all ECS/TVS Equipments
  • Chemical Dosing System including supply of all chemicals and automation of the system.
  • Air and Water Balancing for HVAC system as per design.
  • Painting of Pipelines associated with ECS system and Water Softening system, housing, foundations, walkway, Cooling Tower or any other area that show signs of corrosion.
  • All Electrical panels related to ECS including bus-bars, ACBs, MCCB, ATS, MCB, control relays and all other components installed in the electrical panels.
  • All Electrical panels related to Tunnel ventilation System (TVS) including bus bars, ACBs, MCCB, ATS, control system and all other components installed in electrical panels.
  • All associated work involved in repair of underground/ overhead pipelines /cables, which are required for carrying out the work as specified in employer‟s requirements of this tender are deemed to be included in the scope of work, and nothing extra shall be paid to the contractor other than the cost of CAMC.
  • Performance Audit of AHU, Water Cooled Chiller, Cooling Tower, All ECS Pumps, Motor Performance after rewinding.
  • Field Automation of all systems (PICV, DPT, VFD, Auto-bleed off valves etc.) from BMS and CPM.
  • Complete NOVEC – 1230 system installed and maintained at proper pressure in ECS and TVS panels including (Fire trace Tube, Master Control Unit (MCU), pressure gauge, Novec Gas and all associated accessories). Scope of Work and Specification for NOVEC – 1230 system is placed as Annexure –1.3
  • Air Compressors including Air Dryers and all associated items/equipment, control panel, copper tubes, Pressure Reducing Stations etc. Scope of Work for Pneumatic Compressors is separately drafted at Clause – 35, Annexure – 1.5 of the Employer’s Requirement.
  • Air-curtains at entry gates, Foot Over Bridge at stations.
  • Supervisory Controller (SC) modules and workstation of Chiller Plant Manager (CPM).
  • Ethernet switches, Flow switch, Transducers, Multifunction meters, Energy Meters, sensors and all other equipment parameters and data related to CPM.
  • Supervisory Controller (SC) panel including MCBs, sockets and all other accessories.
  • CPM server, related hardware (CPU, Monitor etc.) and software (HMI, Logic etc.)
  • BMS related hardware (PLCs, BMS Work-station, Servers, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse etc.) and software (SCADA, HMI, Logic etc.)
  • Ethernet/FO switches, Transducers, Multifunction meters, Energy Meters, sensors,  CO2 sensors and all other equipment‟s parameters and data related to BMS.
  • All temperature and humidity display units/ sensors at the station.
  • LCP installed in TVS PLC. 
  • VCP installed in Station Control Room (SCR).
  • Complete Water Treatment Plants(WTP) including all Electrical Accessories like Filter Feed Pumps, Dual Media Filter, Iron Removal Filter, Softener, Resin and Filter media replacement as per requirement and timely performance audit of WTP, Brine Charging Motor etc.

Scheduled Maintenance:

  • The details of scheduled maintenance work required to be undertaken during a five (05) year comprehensive annual maintenance contract has been specified in Annexure 2.1 (Mechanical), (Electrical), 2.3 (BMS), 2.4 (Pneumatic Compressors) and 2.5 (WTP) of Employer‟s requirement, wherein the frequency for carrying out scheduled maintenance of Assets/Equipments for each of the component/sub-component has been specified in terms of Weekly (W), Monthly (M), Quarterly (Q), Half Yearly (HY) & Yearly (Y) schedule. However, the Contractor shall prepare Maintenance Checklist Booklets for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly& Yearly maintenance incorporating all the points as specified in different Annexures at Para 7.1.1 above.
  • The Maintenance Checklists shall be in the custody of Station In-charges of all five (5) stations. Spiral binding type Maintenance Checklist shall not be accepted.
  • Major Inclusions: Following shall also be the integral part of the CAMC and responsibility of the Contractor:
  • Annual testing of Water-Cooled Chiller Compressor Oil and Replacement of the same as and when required.
  • Replacement of Cooling Tower fills as per condition. Decision of Employer in this regard shall be prevailing.
  • Maintenance of Linear Heat Detection System software and its integration with BMS server.
  • Replacement/Refilling of Clean agent-based fire extinguishers, FireTrace, Tube and all other accessories as and when required on urgent priority.
  • Arrangement of Salt for Softener recharging. Frequency of Softener recharging shall be as per site conditions.
  • Annual checking of Dual Media Filters (DMF), Iron Removal Filters (IRF) and Softener vessels by opening of vessels and replacement of Filter media if required.
  • Compulsorily change of WTP filter media after three years.
  • Preparation of Maintenance Checklist Booklet. Spiral Binding shall not be acceptable.
  • Preparation of CAMC Complaint Log Register.
  • Maintaining all Mandatory Spares / Consumables on yearly basis to avoid delay in attending breakdowns.
  • Supply of all Consumables on yearly basis to avoid delay in attending preventive maintenance.
  • Supply of Dosing Chemicals for HVAC systems.
  • Supply of all stationary items like Printed Maintenance Record Books, CAMC fault record Register, Quarterly Failure Analysis Booklet etc. as per format provided by DMRC etc.
  • The Contractor shall follow the maintenance schedules as per mutually agreed terms and Conditions between the Employer and the Contractor.
  • The scheduled maintenance included in the Annexure-2.1 to 2.5 of Employer‟s requirement can be modified by DMRC at any point of time depending upon the experience gained and as per system requirement.
  • If DMRC feels that any other activity is additionally required in maintenance schedule checklist i.e. Annexure 2.1 to 2.3 of Employer requirement for efficient and proper operation of the system, the same shall be carried out by contractor, provided mutually agreed upon by both parties i.e. DMRC as well as the contractor. Nothing shall be paid extra for any additional activity required to be executed in addition to the activities mentioned in the technical scope of work. The operation of ECS, BMS & TVS System and Logging of data shall be done by the DMRC Site In charge and the contractor may review the data logs as and when required and shall suggest/ take the corrective actions thereof.
  • The Contractor shall submit the Activity Schedule to carry out the preventive maintenance to the Employers representative well in advance before starting of the Maintenance Activities.

Work Experience:

  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed work(s), completion date(s) of which falling during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:
    • At least one ―similar work of value of INR 1.67 crore or more, or
    • Two ―similar works each of value of INR 1.04 crore or more, or
    • Three ―similar works‖ *each of value of INR 0.84 crore or more.
  • The works which will be consider ―Similar works‖ for evaluation of fulfilling about criteria related to work experience are defined below:
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning or Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of Environment Control System (ECS), Air Conditioning Work / Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS) / Building Management System (BMS). The above-mentioned similar work must include “Operation and Maintenance/SITC of minimum 240 TR Water Cooled Chiller for Environment Control System (ECS) and Air Conditioning Work. Without including above mentioned work experience for minimum capacity of Water Cooled chiller, work experience will not be considered for tender evaluation”.
  • Below mentioned works shall not be considered as work for ECS (i.e. Environment Control System).
  • SITC of package type Air conditioning system (i.e. Air conditioning system having no provision of water Cycle in the AHU/FCU circuit) with or without CAMC.
  • SITC of VRV Air conditioning system with or without CAMC.
  • SITC of split AC system and window type AC system with or without CAMC.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC

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