Delhi Metro Update: Tender invited for construction of new staircase at KG end shaft, Delhi Gate and ITO Ancillary Building of Line-6

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) has invited open e-tenders from eligible applicants, who fulfil qualification criteria for Construction of new staircase at KG end shaft, Delhi Gate Ancillary Building and ITO Ancillary Building of Line-6.

  • Tender Reference Number: OCW-1369
  • Name of Work: Construction of new staircase at KG end shaft, Delhi Gate Ancillary Building and ITO Ancillary Building of Line-6.
  • Approximate Cost of Work: INR 50 Lakh
  • EMD: INR 01 Lakh
  • Completion Period: 06 Month
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 22nd May, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 12th June, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 26th May, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 07th June, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 12th June, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 13th June, 2023


  • The objective of the contract is the maintenance of DMRC structures to keep restore or improve facilities and services to current acceptable standards and sustain utilities and value of the facility by the contractor (including without limitation, the maintenance and removal of the Temporary Works) and the rectification of defects appearing in Permanent structures in the manner and to the standards and within the time stipulated by the Contract.
  • In full recognition of this objective, and with full acceptance of the obligations, liabilities and risks which may be involved, the Contractor shall undertake the execution of the Works.

Scope of Works:

  • The contractor will execute the work i.e. “Contract: OCW-1369: Construction of new staircase at KG End Shaft, Delhi Gate Ancillary Building and ITO Ancillary Building of Line-6”.
  • Works enlisted in BOQ mainly contain Design, fabrication & Installation of MS structures for staircase and other works as directed by the representative of Engineer-in-inCharge etc. at the designated area or any other property related to DMRC on Line-6, DMRC.
  • The work is to be carried out as per relevant Codes, CPWD Specifications, Material manufacturer’s specifications or as directed by the Engineer.
  • Contractor shall prepare the drawing/work method/bar chart for the approval of the DMRC  as per requirement.
  • The above mentioned work shall be carried out with contractors own material, T&P & labour at all heights and lifts as per the specification & drawing.
  • The Brief scope of work is mentioned in DSR/BOQ and as per site requirement. The work under this contract shall consist of, but not limited to, all materials, labour, equipment’s, tools, plants and necessary machinery as required to completely execute following works.
  • The Contractor shall attend regular coordination meetings convened by the employer/engineer for interface and adhere to the decisions taken in the meeting.
  • The work shall be carried out during day/ night/ non revenue hours/ shadow power block hours. Nothing extra shall be paid – for work executed in day/ night/ non revenue hours/ shadow power block hours, in tunnel and non-tunnel areas.
  • Access will be provided to the staff of the contractor appointed by the employer for carrying out their works and bringing materials and Equipment at site. However, the security of materials and Equipment brought at the site will be the responsibility of the Contractor.
  • To provide manpower for routine day to day maintenance as per BOQ and as per site requirement.
  • Provision of all necessary labour, maintenance equipment, instruments and appliances in connection with all above mentioned work as specified or as directed by Engineer-in-Charge or the representative of Engineer.
  • In case of major addition/alterations the drawings including details of structural drawings may be supplied by the agency.
  • Any other item of work as per schedules in BOQ may be required, to be carried out as per CPWD Specifications, for completing the job in all respects in accordance with the provisions of contract and or to ensure the structural stability and safety of the work during and after maintenance.
  • CPWD Specifications will be applicable for methodology of execution of work for all DSR items.
  • Clearing site after completion of work and handing over of all the works, as specified and directed by the Engineer in charge.
  • Damage caused to properties of DMRC if any, during execution of above work shall be rectified by the contractor at his cost failing which the cost of rectification shall be recovered at market cost of such items.
  • The work shall be carried out with all safety precautions. The contractor shall ensure all his workers have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE‟s) at his cost (not to be charged to the worker) and ensure safety of site by providing Barricades for restricting movement of public to work area. The barricade arrangement shall be approved by the Engineer in charge keeping in view the overall circulating pattern of the staff/visitors.
  • All regular minor and major repairs in the building/premises i.e. upkeep will be the contractor’s responsibility and it should be ensured by deploying his staff with instruction for frequent inspection. Further before attending the deficiencies he should inform concerned JE/ASE/SE/SSE/AEN/XEN so as to ensure quality and timely billing of work done.
  • In addition, the defects noticed by DMRC officials will also be endorsed in the Complaint Book being maintained at the site which should be acknowledged by the representative of the contractor along with the indication of time which it would be attended to. Complaints of regular nature, if continued, will be considered as non performance by the contractor.
  • In addition, joint inspection will be carried out by DMRC officials and items identified shall be informed to the contractor along with the specified time during which it can be attended. This will be an item of the regular check during the next inspection.
  • These items shall be recorded in Site Order Book and Progress Monitoring Register maintained at field office. All complaints should be recorded in this register and should be attended to within 24 hours of reporting or any reasonable time as specified.


Work Experience:

  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed or substantially completed similar works of which falling during the last five years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:
    • At least one “similar work” of value of ₹40.00 lakh or more, or
    • At least two “similar works” each of value of ₹25.00 lakh or more, or
    • At least three “similar works” each of value of ₹20.00 lakh or more
  • Similar works for this contract shall be “Any work consisting Civil Construction/Maintenance work of Metro/railway station, metro/railway bridges, metro/railway depots in any operational metro or railway system”.
  • If the activity of “painting” is a part of the whole work, the value of the entire contract will be considered in evaluation of work experience. If the work is largely for “painting”, such experience will not be considered.
  • If the tenderer is a JV/Consortium having foreign partner(s) and above work(s) have been executed by the foreign partner of JV and the work(s) were done in the country of the foreign partner, then in addition to this the foreign partner must have executed works (which need not be similar in nature) of total put together of value ₹20.00 lakh or more outside the country of the foreign partner.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC

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