Delhi Metro update: Tender invited for Installation of Remote Health Monitoring System for Signalling System of Metro line-8

In continuation to tender for engagement of Detailed Design Consultant for Remodelling of Ajronda Depot and Augmentation of Sarita Vihar Depot, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has invited open tender through e-tendering system (i.e. Technical and Financial bid) for Contract: OTW-828: Installation of Remote Health Monitoring System for Signalling System of DMRTS (Line-8).

  • Approximate Cost of work: INR 147.30 Lakhs
  • Amount of Tender Security: INR 1,47,300/-
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 23.09.2020
  • Completion Period: 280 days
  • Tender submission Start Date: 08.10.2020
  • Tender submission end Date: 14.10.2020
  • Date of opening of Tender: 15.10.2020

DMRC Signaling Department urges to monitor their Signaling Gears remotely 24×7 from central location with the help of available sensors and data acquisition and communication system which shall help Signaling department to improve quality of maintenance practices to reduce mean time to repair. This system will immensely reduce manpower so that DMRC can utilize existing resources for better planning and train operation.

A System shall remotely monitor the following Signaling Gears:

  • Point-Machines (PM)
  • Aspect/Visual-Signal (AVS)
  • Equipment Room Condition Monitoring.

Scope of work:

The Implementation,Signalling Supply , Installation and Commissioning of Indoor and Outdoor Signalling Gear Central Monitoring System in Line 8.

  • It is desirable that the system shall be capable of successfully monitoring events in RTU enabled station gears of Line 8. Limitation of detection in these zones, if any, shall be clearly indicated by the system provider.
  • The system shall be capable of meeting specified functional requirements in DMRC working Conditions.
  • The system shall neither be affected nor cause any effect on normal working of Signalling or any other working system of DMRC both indoor and outdoor in any scenario.
  • The System shall provide 24×7 centralized monitoring Dashboard for signalling assets which are covered for enabling remote monitoring function.
  • The system shall provide audio visual alarm as per user requirement at central monitoring location in case of any abnormalities / fault in signalling assets.
  • The system shall provide predictive maintenance and optimization with the help of advanced analytics, Machine Learning and Data visualization to provide:
    • Programs that enable DMRC to enhance applications to monitor, maintain, and optimize assets for better availability, utilization, and performance.
    • Documentation to demonstrate how to use the supporting programs to build and deploy a predictive maintenance application.
    • Demonstrate the advantages of connecting to the Internet of Things and the proposed solution.
    • ALL types of electrical parameters for signalling gears to be covered which can be used for predictive maintenance.
    • It shall have provision to select the range of the parameters to be displayed.
  • The system shall provide real time dashboard, alarm and history data analysis . It shall provide customized report and management reports.
  • The system shall provide Web and mobile application for accessing real-time alarm, dashboard and on demand measurement data remotely.
  • The RTU shall be compact and rugged in nature to support field condition of DMRC sites.
  • The RTU shall have a provision to download the stored data in case of failure of the network.
  • The RTU shall have a provision to upload the system software through network or with through a dedicated port on RTU.
  • If contractor uses junction box to house RTU then IP rating of JB shall be IP55 or above. 
  • For outdoor cabling during track crossing, cables shall cross the track at right angle.
  • An open architecture shall enable the solution to work with multiple data sources and data types: structured or unstructured, real-time or batch, streaming or at rest.
  • Connectivity to proposed Management systems and to the Internet of Things through IoT platforms, enables Predictive Maintenance and Optimization to deliver insights and comprehensive analysis to improve decision-making confidence.
  • The centralized and real time monitoring data of signalling gears(Signal, Point Machine) shall be available on DMRC Central Server.
  • The remote data shall be sent to centralized DMRC server at NUEE on real -time basis from remote terminal unit with the help of non-proprietary FOC communication network.
  • Point Machine (PM) monitoring shall be possible in the outdoor junction Box. The technical specification of RTU : Outdoor Remote Terminal Unit For Point Machine along with Sensors is described in Annexure-A of this document.
  • Signal monitoring shall be possible in the indoor location. The technical specification of RTU : Indoor Remote Terminal Unit for Signals along with Sensors is described in Annexure-B of this document.
  • In Interlocking station there are more numbers of input points of signals to be monitored, The technical specification of RTU : Indoor Remote Terminal Unit For Interlocking Station Signal along with sensors is described in Annexure -C of this document.
  • Centralized Remote Diagnostics Application Software and database shall be hosted on centralized DMRC server.
  • The Centralized Software platform shall be able to interface with third party application for collecting various events and alarm on same dashboard with the help of API/Web Services etc.

Authority and place for submission of tender cost & Tender Security (EMD), required documents (if any) and seeking clarifications on tender documents:

CE/Tender (O&M), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., 5th Floor, C-Wing, Metro Bhawan, Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi –110001

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC-Tender | Image Credit: DMRC