Delhi Metro Update: Tender invited for supply and installation of track based electronic lubricator for viaduct section of Rapid metro rail Gurgaon

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.(DMRC) has invited open e-tenders from eligible applicants, who fulfil qualification criteria for Supply, installation and commissioning of 12 Nos. track based electronic lubricator for viaduct section of Rapid Metro rail Gurgaon network with 3 years comprehensive maintenance contract after warranty.

  • Tender Reference Number: OCP-1195
  • Name of Work: Supply, installation and commissioning of 12 Nos. track based electronic lubricator for viaduct section of Rapid Metro rail Gurgaon network with 3 years comprehensive maintenance contract after warranty.
  • Approximate Cost of work: INR 107.33 Lakhs
  • EMD: INR 1,07,328 Lakh
  • Period of Work: 1915 Days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 07th October, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 07th November, 2022
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 14th October, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 01st November, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 07th November, 2022
  • Tender Opening Date: 09th November, 2022

Scope of Work:

  • Procurement will be made from only those firms who have been approved by RDSO for tendered items. If there are no approved vendors then developmental vendors can be considered for placement of order without any quantity restrictions.
  • Schedule” A” item is Supply, Installation and Commissioning of track based Electronic Lubricator with Single grease applicator/Wiper bar(as per technical specifications) for greasing of rail gauge face on curved track in Viaduct section of DMRC Network including two year warranty with grease refilling periodically in each machine whenever required.
  • This warranty includes complete maintenance, periodic checking and monitoring including replacement of worn out/failed parts on free of cost basis throughout the tenure of total warranty period of two years. This warranty period shall start from the date of successfully commissioning of the last machine in Line of Rapid Metro Rail Gurugram network.
  • The supplier should ensure that system supplied including all parts, components etc, should be free from manufacturing and fault in design, material, workmanship and should be of the highest quality and in conformity with the contract specifications.
  • The parts procured and replaced by the agency during two year warranty period as well as during three year comprehensive maintenance period should be without any extra cost/charge and the released parts should be handed over to concerned DMRC/HMRTC officials.
  • The work during warranty period is also inclusive of the cost of shifting/transportation of the Grease from the designated place to the machines at sites, and filling/re-filling in the grease tanks of the machines with suitable means/equipment and cost of all labours, materials, tools & equipment etc, complete.
  • The agency shall engage/deploy a dedicated team of engineers and staff exclusively to handle the stated work of DMRC/HMRTC. The team should consist of at-least two full time experienced mechanical engineers (Degree Holder) and two ITI certified fitters. The Engineers shall remain available over phone round the clock to enable interaction with DMRC/HMRTC officials and for field visits for checking/rectification of machines as and when required.
  • Maintenance of machines as envisaged in this work can be carried out during night hours only when the metro services remain halted. The authorised person of the agency shall give his program at-four days in advance about his proposed visit of the machines.
  • The agency’s staff shall be permitted to enter the section only along with authorised staff of DMRC/HMRTC. The access to the machines installed on metro lines will depend upon availability of block permission for that section. The authorized engineers/staff of the agency are required to wear proper PPEs and take all mandatory safety measures/precautions while entering on the metro track.
  • DMRC/HMRTC official will carry out a joint inspection of each of the machine with the authorized engineer of the agency minimum once in three month during warranty period and once in a month during comprehensive maintenance period and also whenever it is required to make it operational in warranty as well as in CMC period.
  • The functionality of the machine, availability of the grease, the grease carried down distance being provided by the system etc, will be jointly checked and a report to this effect will be jointly signed. A suitable method/procedure to verify/ascertain the grease carry-down distance being provided by a system shall be mutually decided by the agency and DMRC/HMRTC. The payments payable against a particular machine will be processed based upon such jointly signed reports.
  • The agency shall take immediate action to attend to the defects as and when the defects either come to their notice to the Engineer of the agency during his visit or it brought to their notice by DMRC/HMRTC officials. In case, the defects are not rectified within a period of 07 days from the date of detection/reporting, payment from Schedule -B will be deducted on a pro-rata basis. Further, if a machine remains non-functional beyond a period of 07 days, a penalty of Rs 1000 for each day of delay in rectification for each machine shall be imposed during warranty& CMC period.
  • The Schedule-B is Comprehensive maintenance for the machine for three years after a warranty period of two years. Maintenance contract charges are with the cost of replacement of parts. No extra cost to be paid for replacement of parts. All activity related with maintenance of the machine such as; skilled/unskilled workers, tools and plants, equipment, transportation of man and materials to the work-site, periodical overhauling of machine, testing, calibration, attention to the nozzles/pores, cleaning of the machine and the adjoining area, removal of extra grease from the rails/rail-fittings/floor etc, are covered in the scope of this schedule.
  • The work during CMC period is also inclusive of cost of shifting/transportation of the Grease from the designated place to the machines at sites, and filling/re-filling it is the grease tanks of the machines with suitable means/equipment and cost of all labours, materials, tools & equipment etc, complete.
  • Under warranty period the authorised engineer of the agency shall carry out at least one visit of each machine in each quarter of the year in CMC period visit will be each month for each machine in order to monitor its functioning and undertake overhauling/repairs, as required. Prior intimation shall be given to DMRC/HMRTC about such quarterly visits of the Engineer of the agency.
  • Once the machine is attended by the agency thoroughly, it is expected that the machine will not malfunction during the next 03 months. However, if any defect is reported by DMRC/HMRTC officials at any time within 03 months, the agency will attend the machine immediately and make it functional without any extra cost/charge.
  • The agency is required to maintain and adjust/fine-tune the system (machine+ lubricant) is such manner that a carry-down effect is available up to a distance of minimum 02 km on curve or, end of the curve or end of the continuous curves for both single and double wiping bar machine in similar flexure/contrary flexure/Reverse curve/Compound curve as applicable, whichever is lesser.
  • Further, the system should provide a value of coefficient of friction not greater than 0.25 at the gauge face corner of the rails. The brand of the grease mentioned in the Schedule-C is indicative only and the agency should procure the grease which is capable of meeting the above requirements. The above requirements shall be met irrespective of type of weather i.e. summer, winter or rainy season and type of location i.e. underground or elevated. The agency may use grease of different viscosity, NLGI grade or other properties, if required for different seasons to meet the above requirement but in consultation with DMRC/HMRTC.
  • Payment under Schedule-B for a particular month shall be made only against the machines which are found functional/working satisfactorily during the joint inspection as detailed as clause 1.8 above.
  • If any machine is found defective or its working is found unsatisfactory, 70% of the payable amount under Schedule-B will be paid for that machine for that month. The Schedule-C is supply of Make Garonex R-250 BPCL Make grease or equivalent lubricant conforming to para 8.0 of RDSO Specification No IRS T-48(June 2013) and ACS No 01.
  • This schedule is inclusive of cost of grease, labour cost, taxes (including GST), duties etc, its transportation up to the designated places in DMRC/HMRTC premises, proper storage and upkeep duly following laid-down procedure, etc complete. DMRC/HMRTC will provide one or two non-air-conditioned rooms at some suitable place (preferably within the DMRC/HMRTC depots premise) without any charge, for storage of the Grease. Once handed over, the custody of the said storage room will be with the agency.
  • The responsibility of proper supply and consumption of the grease will rest with the agency. However, the movement of the grease to the stated storage room and from the stated storage to the site shall be done under intimation of concerned DMRC/HMRTC officials. The responsibility of monitoring the availability of Grease in the tanks of the machine and its timely recoupment shall rest with the agency.
  • Under Schedule-C, the Grease/lubricant should be procured from Bharat Petroleum or Indian Oil or any other manufacturer of similar repute or from their authorised dealers. The agency shall submit MTCs for the each lot of the grease supplied under Schedule -C. DMRC/HMRTC may collect samples of the grease supplied at any time and send it for testing (at DMRC’s cost) to ascertain its quality/properties.
  • The quantity indicated in Schedule-C is tentative and procurement is required to be done as per actual consumption as agreed by DMRC/HMRTC. In normal course, requirement of grease for next 06 months shall be procured at a time. However, the procurement for the next cycle shall be planned in such a way that a stock for at-least one month is always available.
  • The preferable billing cycle against the Schedule-B is 03 months i.e. one bill at the end of each quarter of the year. Bill against Schedule-C is payable as and when supply is made. Arising out of any reason whatsoever, DMRC/HMRTC may take out any number of machines out of the ambit of this Contract or short-close the Contract any time with a notice period of one month to the agency.
  • The agency shall meticulously maintain/compile all data generated during the course of maintenance of the machines and carry out detailed analysis thereof to evaluate performance of the machines. The agency shall prepare such a report at the end of each year of maintenance and submit it to DMRC/HMRTC.
  • The comprehensive maintenance work is envisaged for a period of 03 years. However, the work can be extended for another one year or two years based upon the performance of the agency. In case it is mutually agreed to extend the period of the contract, the rates applicable for the extended period will be decided through negotiations with all other terms and conditions being the same as in the original agreement. Grease is to be supplied by the supplier for the period of 5years (2 years -Warranty & 3 yearsAMC).


  • Work Experience: The tenderer will be considered qualified if they meet either of the work experience criteria mentioned in A.1 & A.2 below.
  • The tender will be qualified only if they have successfully completed work(s), completion date(s) of which falling during last five years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:
    • At least one “similar work” **of value of ₹ 59.88 lakh or more, or
    • At least two “similar works” **each of value of ₹37.43 lakh or more, or
    • At least three “similar works” **each of value of ₹ 29.94 lakh or more
  • Similar works “Any work related to any or combination of supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Way Side lubricators installed on Rail Track”,


  • The tender will be in the RDSO approved vendor list for the item ‘Track Based Lubricators’. The tenderer is required to submit documentary evidence of RDSO approved vendors in relevant categories.

Completion Period:

  • 3 Months: Supply, Installation and commissioning of 12 nos. track based Electronic lubricator.
  • 24 months: Warranty of all 12 machines will start after successful commissioning of the last machine (DLP).
  • 36 months: Comprehensive maintenance contract after expiry of warranty period.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC -Tender | Image Credit (representational): Gurugram Rapid Metro