Delhi Metro update: Tenders invited for Electrical & Mechanical works for Augmentation of Depots at Shastri Park, Najafgarh and Dwarka

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) has invited open e-tender for the work “Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of E&M works (Electrical, Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, EOT Cranes, Air Compressor System) For Augmentation of Depots at Shastri Park, Najafgarh and Dwarka under Delhi MRTS Phase-III”.

  • Contract: CEUD-12
  • Approximate cost of work: INR 9.80 Crores
  • Completion period of the Work: 18 Months
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 18.02.2021 
  • Tender submission start date: 02.03.2021 
  • Tender submission end date: 09.03.2021 
  • Date of opening of Tender online: 10.03.2021



The said contract is for augmentation of existing DMRC Depots at Shastri Park for Line-1, Najafgarh for Line-3&4 and Dwarka for Airport Line and generally involves the following works:

  • Electrical Work
  • Fire Detection & Fire Suppression System
  • EOT Cranes
  • Air Compressor System

Scope of Work:

The scope of work under these specifications generally covers but is not limited to supply, fabrication, installation/fixing, necessary touch up painting, testing and commissioning of the items mentioned in the Bill of Quantities. The contractor shall carry out and complete the said work under this contract in every respect in conformity with the current rules and regulations of the Local Electricity Authority, the Indian Standard Institution, Indian Electricity Rules and Act and with the directions of and to the satisfaction of the Employer or his representative. 

  • The contractor shall provide all required labour and install all materials, appliances, equipment (except those items which will be supplied by the employer to the contractor at site) necessary for the complete provision and testing of the installation as specified herein and shown on the drawings. This also includes any material, appliances, equipment not specifically mentioned herein or noted on the drawings as being furnished or installed but which are necessary and customary to make complete installation properly connected and in working condition. 
  • The work shall include all incidental jobs / minor civil works connected with installation such as excavation in trenches and backfilling, cutting, drilling and grouting etc. The following jobs shall be deemed to be included in the scope of work of relevant item whether specifically mentioned or otherwise:
    • Conduiting, Wiring, Supply & Fixing of Modular type Switches etc. for Lighting & fans etc. 
    • Conduiting, Wiring, Supply & Fixing of Modular type Sockets and Switches including Industrial Socket outlets wherever required and as per drawings.
    • External Lighting including its Feeder Pillar, Cabling, Poles all complete, High Mast (as applicable).
    • Lighting Fixture for internal areas (including verification of flux level achievable in various areas) and External Areas.
    • Fire Detection and Alarm System including associated Conduiting and Wiring. 
    • Safety Equipment as per requirement.
    • All panels & DBs including Main Distribution Board, Essential Power Panel, AC Power Panel, Fire Pump Panel, Water Pump Panel, Emergency Power Panel, Lighting Distribution Boards etc. or other wherever applicable.
    • Various Distribution Boards/Panels as required with Automatic Source Transfer System etc.
    • Power Supply for Signage.
    • DC Control Supply system as required.
    • Power Cables and Control Cables, Cable Trays, Raceways and Ducting etc.
    • Exhaust Fans, bracket fans, air circulator fans and Ceiling Fans.
    • Protective Earthing and Lightning Protection.
    • Cabling, Hume Pipes, Cable Termination, RCC trenches, Poles etc. for External Lighting.
    • Protection and Interlocks.
    • Verification of GFC Drawings.
    • Preparation of Shop Drawings and As Built drawings.
    • Submission of Scheme for total discrimination between ACBs and MCCBs
    • Pressure calculations for fire Suppression system.
    • Fire Pumps, Fire Hydrants, Sprinklers and Fire System Piping.
    • Clean agent-based gas suppression System in Electrical Panels and Fire Extinguishers.
    • Interfacing with designated contractors/ DDCÄs as per interface matrix provided.
    • Inspection and Testing of equipments at manufacturers work prior to dispatch.
    • Testing at site as required
    • Transportation, Storage, insurance etc.
    • Loading, transportation and unloading.
      • Protection of stored materials/ installed work against damage due to dirt, sun and rain including providing tarpaulin/ PVC sheet covers as required.
      • Providing security arrangements/ watch and ward for stored materials and installed works to guard against pilferage including providing temporary covers on conduit outlets after drawing of wires before fixing switches/fittings etc.
      • Comprehensive insurance with DMRC as beneficiaries against pilferage during transportation/ storage/ installation as per General Conditions of Contract (GCC).
      • Demobilization and clearing of all temporary works/facilities after completion of work at site and cleaning work are before handing over.

The tender documents describing the Scope of Work and Terms and Conditions for the Contracts are available on the website

Source: DMRC-Tender | Image Credit: DMRC