Delhi Metro Update: Tenders invited for supply of Independent Public Address system for Crew Control Rooms of DMRC

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Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. has invited Opene-tender through e-tendering system for Contract: T-75: “Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of an Independent Public Address system for Crew Control Rooms of DMRC.”

Key Details:

  • Contract: T-75
  • Completion Period: 03 Months
  • Approximate Cost of work: Rs. 13.44 Lakh
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 29.06.2021at 11:00 Hrs
  • Tender submission Start Date and Time(online): 07.07.2021 (from 09:00 Hrs)
  • Tender submission end Date and Time(online): 13.07.2021 (Upto 14:00 Hrs)
  • Date & Time of opening of Tender (Technical Bid) (online): 14.07.2021at 14:30 Hrs.

Scope Of Work:

  • The work includes supply, installation, testing and commissioning of an Independent Public address system.
  • The system will be used to make announcement from Crew Control Room to the adjoining Rooms like sports room, mess room, meeting room etc.
  • The items/equipment required to be supplied by the contractor along with the list of services mentioned in BOQ.
  • The system is broadly consisting of an Amplifier with Desktop Paging Mic to be installed in the Crew Control Room and speakers to be installed in the adjoining rooms of Crew Control Room.
  • Overall, the system is to be installed at 11 stations.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning requirements:
    • Tenderers are advised to visit the site before they submit their tenders.
    • The item is to be provided as per BOQ and Specifications by the contractor.
    • The site wise installation of the equipment shall be done by the contractor in presence of the DMRC Engineer.
    • All cables shall be as far as practicable run inside conduits specially provided for the purpose.
    • The contractor shall provide and install all conduits, raceways, and any other small amount of civil work like drilling a hole, nut/bolts etc. if required while installation and laying.
    • For laying of Cable/Cable trays/Conduits or fixing of equipment/conduit/cable along the walls, any small civil work required like drilling in the walls/ making holes in the wall or making small cut-outs and restoration of the same after completion of the activity will be in the scope of the contractor.
    • When cables pass through walls or columns, a piece of PVC sleeve of adequate size shall be inserted into the wall, and the cables shall be drawn therein.
    • All cables shall be joined by properly designed connectors or inside Joint boxes.
    • Work will be carried out by the contractor in a professional manner up to the satisfaction level of DMRC Engineer and it must look aesthetically good.
    • Flexible surface conduit of maximum length 1-foot can be used only for final termination to the Speaker/Amplifier and besides that fixed surface conduit to be used.
    • The surface conduits shall be fixed flat to the surface by means of galvanized cable saddles and fixed by means of non-corrosive pins or screws of enough length.
    • In addition to BOQ items, any other installation materials like connectors, cable jumpers, cable ties, saddles, nut-bolts, thimbles etc. are to be provided by the contractor as per requirement.
    • The Complete System shall remain under warranty (On site) period of 02 years.
    • The contractor shall execute the work up to the satisfaction level of DMRC Engineer in accordance with the provisions of this contract.
    • In the Technical Submission, the tenderers shall have to provide:
      • Technical details of products being offered.
      • OEM’s Data sheet complying with all the specification points as mentioned in Specifications.
      • All Compliance certificates as mentioned in Specifications.
  • After successful supply, installation, testing, integration and commissioning of the system the Employer will issue a work completion certificate.
  • To work on Platform/Concourse, contractor shall require to fill up PTW (permit to work) form and submit it to CSS Metro Bhawan. Only after approval of PTW, contractor shall carry out the work. Work on Platform shall be carried out only in night (Non-revenue hours)
  • Installation under this contract shall not affect existing PAS system in DMRC .

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC-Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC

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