Delhi-Varanasi High-Speed Rail Corridor : Bids invited for Data Collection and Associated Survey Work for DPR

The National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), a SPV of Government of India and Participating State Governments, has invited open bids under Single Stage Two Packet System for the Data Collection and Associated Survey Work for DPR of Delhi-Varanasi High-Speed Rail Corridor.

Key Details:

  • Bid Security: INR 1,00,000/- (Demand Draft/ Pay Order)
  • Contract Period: 04 months
  • Cost of Bidding Document: INR 5,900/- (including GST @18%)
  • Tender submission start date & time: 01.07.2020 from 10:00 Hrs.
  • Tender submission end date & time: 02.07.2020 upto 15:00 Hrs.

NHSRCL is in the process of preparation of Detailed Project Report for new High speed rail corridors and present assignment is for Data Collection and Associated Survey Work for Delhi-Noida-Agra-Kanpur-Lucknow-Varanasi High Speed Rail corridor (approx. 865 kms).

Alignment of the proposed corridor is generally planned within and/or along the ROW of existing/planned Highway/Expressway and Railways land, keeping in view the speed and constructability requirements of the High-Speed Rail Project. Expected RoW of the main line (excluding facilities) will be approx. 17.5 m ± 5 m depending on projects requirement.

Scope of Work : 

  • Identification of Crossings (existing & proposed) on the proposed HSR alignment/ROW including but not limited to Roads, Railways, Rivers, Canals etc.
  • Identification of Heritage structures infringing on the proposed HSR alignment/ROW such as Historical monuments, tombs, ASI sites and Religious structures such as Temple, Gurudwaras, Mosque, Church etc. and any other important structures.
  • Preparation of Auto CAD drawings of the ROW with details as per 1-2 above plotted on the drawings. The Auto CAD drawings shall have different layers for different entities like Roads, Railways, Spot/Ground levels, Drain, Building, Boundary Wall, Over Ground Utility as instructed by Employer. X, Y, Z co-ordinates of all spot/ground points shall be provided in CSV file with point numbers and feature coding. Z co-ordinates are to be taken with due care and indicated accordingly.
  • Collection of Hydrological Data for all rivers, streams etc. crossing the proposed HSR alignment/ROW. The data shall include but not limited to H.F.L., Rainfall data, discharge etc. The data shall also be collected in respect of nearby existing bridges including bridge length, span arrangement etc. In case of any dams nearby, the relevant data of the dam shall also be collected.
  • Collection of Geotechnical Data from the concerned authorities for the work executed for existing/proposed/under-construction bridges, viaduct etc. in vicinity of the proposed HSR alignment. The data shall include but not limited to Borelogs, lab test results, in-situ test reports, interpretative reports etc.
  • Collection of Topo-sheets, Geological Maps, GADs of existing/proposed/under-construction bridges from the concerned departments.
  • Collection of future plans for roads (2-lane and above), Indian Railways, DFCCIL, Inland Waterways etc.
  • Collection of Data required for preparation of Cost Estimate of the HSR project including source of construction material etc.
  • Any other details which the Contractor may feel important and or as instructed by Employer.

Deliverable and Brief Description of the Work:

Time Schedule and Deliverables:

The Contractor shall adhere to the following deliverable schedule:

An online meeting through Video Conferencing to clarify issues regarding online bid submission procedure will be held on 24.06.2020 at 15:00 hrs. Interested eligible Bidders, who has either purchased the Bidding Documents beforehand or the bidders eligible for exemption of tender document cost (as per tender conditions like MSMEs), will be invited to attend the meeting, provided bidder submits the proof of payment of tender document cost submission/Credential for tender document cost exemption as above, through email at the designated email id as mentioned in tender document. Login credentials shall be provided to interested eligible Bidders through email.

To participate in the tender, the Bidding documents can be downloaded from NHSRCL Website or .

Address for Communication: Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from the following address:

General Manager (Contract) , 

National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited, 2nd Floor Asia Bhawan, Road No. 205, Sector-9, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077

Tel No.: 011 -28070001/02/03/04


Source : NHSRCL Tender