DFCCIL invites EOI for Machine Vision Based Inspection of Rolling Stock (MVIS) on Eastern & Western Dedicated Freight Corridors

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The DFCCIL (Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited) has invited “Expression of Interest” for the purpose of exploring likely sources of Machine Vision Based Inspection of Rolling Stock (MVIS) on Dedicated Freight Corridor routes on Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) & Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC).

  • EOI Notice no.: HQ/MECH/MVIS/EOI/2021
  • Name of Work: “Expression of Interest” for the purpose of exploring likely sources of Machine Vision Based Inspection of Rolling Stock (MVIS) on Dedicated Freight Corridor routes on EDFC & WDFC.

About the Project:

  • The Ministry of Railways has launched its flagship project, the Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs) for construction of approximately 3300 kms of electrified, high axle load track, with liberal space envelope. 
  • The track is fit for running high capacity wagons and long haul freight  trains at maximum speed of 100 km/hr. 
  • The corridor is between JNPT/ Mumbai and Dadri (Western Corridor) and Kolkata to Ludhiana (Eastern Corridor).

Purpose of EOI:

  • The purpose of invitation of this EOI is to explore likely sources of Machine Vision Based Inspection of Rolling Stock (MVIS) on Dedicated Freight Corridor routes on Eastern & Western Corridor.


  • Current practice for preventive maintenance of rolling stock is largely based on manual inspection which is either trackside or pit examination of stock in stationary or slow moving condition. Visual inspections are performed by trained man power and are dependent on individual judgment. Automated inspection by machine vision based systems has the potential to overcome limitations of human inspection. 
  • The systems can be placed closer to the track or between the rails where it may be considered unsafe for a human to be positioned when a train passes.
  • Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) has developed a specification (no. RDSO-SPN-RE-MVIS-2018  (Rev.1). This specification covers requirements for design, development and supply of all weather Machine Vision Based Inspection System, herein after referred as MVIS for automated inspection of rolling stock. 
  • The purpose of this specification is to spell out the functional and technical requirements of a MVIS  system. Applicantshall acquaint  himself/his design team about various types of rolling stocks operational on IR network and the types of defects required to be detected by proposed MVIS system under this specification. The specification is generic in nature with focus on functional requirements. 
  • On the basis of this specification, EOI for customized MVIS as per DFC requirements is being asked from the capable manufacturers. The respondent should have adequate technical capabilities to manufacture MVIS.


The MVIS system shall be supplied on turnkey basis. The MVIS system shall mean and include all equipment by the  side of the track, cables – electric, server computer, website, client computer, software of the track – side equipment and software of the central server and any other element necessary for optimal functioning of the system. The scope shall include:

Supply: Supply of:

  • MVIS site equipment
  • Concomitant accessories including HMI/MMI interface.
  • Spares
  • Maintenance toolkit
  • Material,as required for civil engineering work
  • Power & communication cables as per requirement for successful commissioning shall be provided by the applicant.
  • Modem/communication equipments, as suitable to the track side equipment.
  • Installation at site:
    • Installation of the system would be done by and  under the supervision/direction of firm’s Engineers. It shall include the following:
    • Civil engineering and other allied works (if required) such as construction of hut of  suitable size to house UPS, batteries, electronic and electrical equipment, solar power system etc.;grouting supports for steel enclosures/equipments,control box,battery box etc.,necessary werke.g. trench etc. for power cables.
    • Electrical engineering laying of power cables from the site to the main power  distribution box where the CGM of the field unit has made the availability of electrical power of 230V 50 Hz.
  • Provision of mobile connection and internet connection for transfer of data and display of reports and audio-visual alarms from site of installation to centralized location.
  • Web-server: The supplier shall launch and maintain aninternetwebserver at any location with following features:
    • A comprehensive web-based software to access all system data and images.
    • A web based virtual train inspection portal to review all system images and perform a virtual train inspection, when needed.
    • Multiple User password protected log-in.
    • Differential access and usage rights to multiple level of users eg.write-only, read-only, administrator rights
    • Facility to export data in another database formats e.g.MS-Excel and XML.
    • The supplier shall offer at least  two  designs  for  web-user  interface  for selection.
    • Sufficient capacity to handle data traffic with fast data transfer rate for all authorized users(to be controlled by providing username and password) who shall access through public internet access.
  • Ownership and confidentiality of data and software:
    • All the data being generated by the MVIS equipment,website, servers etc. with respect to DFC operations shall be the property of DFC and shall not be shared with 3rd party without explicit written consent of DFC.
    • The data shall be compiled, stored in a medium, transferred  and made available in a format as decided by DFC. However, the supplier may offer their customised format for sharing/ displaying data/ processed report for evaluation/ acceptance by the consignee if found suitable.
    • The data shall not be divulged by the supplier to any one other than DFC officials.
  • Apart from the details mentioned in these documents, any other accessory/ component/ system(s) essentially required for ensuring proper functioning of the MVIS system, will fall under the scope of supply of the applicant. 
  • The current invitation of EOI is to explore there sponsor from the prospective Respondents. Based on the responses, the final documents will be firmed up and will be called for by DFCat a later date. The requirements and conditions of the MVIS briefly mentioned in this document are for guidance of the respondents and subject to change based on the examination of responses received and in line with the DFC related standard norms, conditions, rules and policies. DFC may change any or all of the terms,conditions, parameters, specifications and measurement related to assignment variants, commercial/operational requirements in their final document from the ones, which are specified in the current invitation for Expression of Interest.
  • The revised set of conditions and specifications that shall then be part of the final Invitation for Bids document which will be published at the time of calling for bids.

Source: DFFCIL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): Alstom

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