DFCCIL invites tender for maintenance of 2×25 kV high rise over head equipment on New Rewari-Madar section for a period of 2 years

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Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) has invited open e-tenders, in Single Stage Two Packet System for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Maintenance of 2×25 kV high rise over head equipment on New Rewari-Madar section of DFCCIL including the Phulera UP & DN link lines, Kishangarh Balawas, Kathuwas connection to Indian Railways for a period of 24 (Twenty-Four) months under CGM Jaipur unit.

  • Tender Reference Number: DFCC-JP-EL-REJN-KSGN-T-10
  • Name of Work: Maintenance of 2×25 kV high rise over head equipment on New Rewari-Madar section of DFCCIL including the Phulera UP & DN link lines, Kishangarh Balawas, Kathuwas connection to Indian Railways for a period of 24 (Twenty-Four) months under CGM Jaipur unit.
  • Tender Value: INR 4,76,00,118 Crore
  • EMD: INR 3,88,000 Lakh
  • Completion Period: 24 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 15th November, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 05th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 15th November, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 05th December, 2022
  • Tender Opening Date: 05th December, 2022

Scope of Work:

  • On behalf of President of India, Chief General Manager, Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited, C-16, Khushi Vihar, Patrakar Colony, Mansarovar, Jaipur302020, India hereinafter referred to as ‘DFCCIL’ is inviting e-tenders from Firms/ Companies/Joint Ventures having requisite experience and financial capacity for execution of the following work:
  • The tender shall be governed by General Conditions of Contract (GCC), Preamble and General Instructions to Tenderers (ITT) and Special Conditions of Contract (SCC). Wherever, there is a conflict in any condition between GCC and Special Conditions of Contract mentioned in the tender documents, the condition mentioned in Special Conditions of Contract will prevail.
  • However, the Engineer’s decision in this connection shall be final and binding. Tender document contains General Conditions of Contract and Special Conditions of Contract specific to this work and shall be applicable in the contract.


  • Works are to be executed from New Rewari to Madar in Rajasthan and Haryana under the jurisdiction of Chief General Manager /DFCCIL/Jaipur Unit. However, DFCCIL reserves the right to change the site of work anywhere in the adjacent / adjoining area of the work, the contractor shall be bound to execute the work without any extra cost.

Drawings for the Work:

  • The Drawing for the work can be seen in the office of the Chief General Manager/ DFCCIL/Jaipur at any time during working hours during working days. The drawings are only for the guidance of Tenderer(s).
  • Detailed working drawings (if required) based generally on the drawing mentioned above, will be given by the Engineer or his representative from time to time.

Preventive/breakdown Maintenance of given under assets shall be done by contractor:

  • 2×25 kV A.C. Traction Overhead Equipment on main line, 25kV HIGH RISE OHE in loop lines and connecting chords etc. in sidings of New Rewari – Madar section. There are 09 nos. of station Yard in the Section
  • To maintain these, DFCCIL has established 02 no. IMD (Integrated Maintenance Depot) at New Rewari and New SMPR, 06 nos. IMSD (Integrated maintenance sub depot) at New Ateli, New Dabla, New Bhagega, New PMCK, New Sakhun and New Kishangarh.
  • The consumable material for the maintenance and replacement for the defective parts generally provided by the Employer which is not in Scope of Contractor. The material required for the maintenance shall be issued by an authorized representative of CGM/JP available at IMD/IMSD. Rest all other required tools and plants for maintenance shall be arranged by contractor.
  • Schedule of quantities requires Preventive/breakdown Maintenance of 2×25 kV A.C. Traction Overhead Equipment in the above section by the contractor’s personnel round the clock for the configuration given at “Schedule of Rates”.
  • Special Checks & Preventive maintenance of the 2×25 kV A.C. Traction Overhead Equipment including negative feeders under Power Block activities but strictly under the supervision of competent representatives of DFCCIL and with their time to time instructions only, in accordance with the Standard Maintenance Instructions issued by the DFCCIL.
  • Immediate attention for any breakdown in the 2×25 kV A.C. Traction Overhead Equipment & Power Supply Installation Equipment and quick restoration.

2x25kV High Rise OHE installations maintenance schedule:

  • Check rail level and setting distance against markings on the masts and entries in the Register. Variation above 30mm in setting distance and 20mm in rail level should be notified for correction. Variations, even within the above limits, should not be permitted if the Schedule of Dimensions are infringed.
  • Check all tightness of bolts, nuts and check nuts and pins.
  • Check all galvanized pipes and fittings. Where galvanization is found to be chipped off, the fitting of pipe should be replaced. Minor chippings may be repaired using ‘cold galvanizing paint’.
  • Examine the register arm and all hooks and fittings for cracks. Check for cracks on the steady arm tube also.
  • Clean all insulators and carefully check as per approved drawing.
  • Check and adjust heights and staggers on the basis of setting distance and rail level marked. Close coordination with track works is required for keeping the permanent way at the correct location.
  • Check carefully the condition of contact and catenary wires, particularly for kinks and twists in contact wire and broken strands of catenary wire. Any stranded conductor (catenary wire, negative feeder wire, aerial earth wire etc.) should be spliced if more than 20 percent of the strands are broken.
  • Check droppers and tighten bolts wherever required.
  • Clean insulators and replace defective insulators as per approved maintenance plan.
  • Check staggers carefully on Tangent and Curved lines.
  • Check and ensure exact Encumbrance and steady clearance as per site.
  • Check kinks and twist on contact wire and remove.
  • Check all bolts, nuts, check nuts, pins etc.
  • Checking of RRA clamps and contact wire at double cantilevers.
  • Miscellaneous, if any

Turn Outs & Crossovers: (As per DFCC Maintenance Manual):

  • With HIGH RISE OHE Inspection Car running on main line check up if pantograph glides smoothly under the loop line HIGH RISE OHE.
  • With HIGH RISE OHE Inspection Car running on loop line check up if pantograph glides smoothly under the main line HIGH RISE OHE.
  • Check stagger of both the HIGH RISE OHEs at turnouts. (It shall not normally exceed 300mm).
  • Check that the main line HIGH RISE OHE of overlap type turn out is about 50 mm below that of the turnout HIGH RISE OHE.
  • Checkup cross contact bar, if any, for displacement and distortion.
  • Check up for hit marks, if any.
  • Checkup rail level and setting of the obligatory mast.
  • Check up for hard spots near rigid droppers, if any.
  • Miscellaneous, if any.
  • Isolators: (As per DFCC Maintenance Manual)
  • Check number plates for cleanliness and security.
  • Check correctness of operation, alignment of contacts and arcing horns.
  • Check earth continuity where applicable.
  • Lubricate moving parts and locks.
  • Check interlocks where provided.
  • Check the distance between male and female contacts in open position as per drawing depending upon the type of isolator.
  • Miscellaneous, if any.


  • The tenderer must have successfully completed or substantially completed any one of the following categories of work(s) during last 07 (seven) years, ending last day of month previous to the one in which tender is invited:
    • Three similar works each costing not less than the amount equal to 30% of advertised value of the tender, or
    • Two similar works each costing not less than the amount equal to 40% of advertised value of the tender, or
    • One similar work costing not less than the amount equal to 60% of advertised value of the tender.
  • Similar work: “Rehabilitation/Maintenance/Design Supply Erection Testing Commissioning of 25/2X25 kV AC OHE System.”
  • The tenderer (s) must be an established, experienced and reputed construction firm and have regularly undertaken works of the similar type tendered for and have adequate technical knowledge and practical experience in the field.

Site Inspection:

  • Tenderers are requested to inspect the site and carry out careful examinations to satisfy them as to the nature of work involved and facilities available at the site.
  • They should note carefully all the existing structures and those under construction through other agencies. They should also study the suitability of utilizing the different equipment and the machinery that they intend to use for the execution of the work.
  • The bidders should also select suitable sites for the purpose of locating their store yard, laboratory, staff quarters etc., and satisfy themselves with regard to the feasibility of transporting the girders, etc. from the yard to the final site of placement etc.


  • Tender documents should be downloaded from the website. Payment of Tender Document fee in respect of e-tendering, should be accepted through net banking or payment gateway only.
  • The Bid Security shall be deposited either in cash through e-payment gateway or submitted as Bank Guarantee bond from a scheduled commercial bank of India or as mentioned in tender documents.
  • Any tender received without Bid Security or cost of tender documents in the form as specified in the tender documents shall not be considered and shall be summarily rejected.
  • Eligibility shall be assessed on applicants, fulfilling the technical capability and competence as well as for financial and organizational resources as specified in clause no. 10 of part III of Preamble & General Instruction to tenders.
  • The Offer shall be valid for 60 days from the date of opening of the tender, and extended further if required from time to time. The Contractor cannot withdraw their offer within the period of validity/extended validity The Bid Security of such tenderers shall be forfeited.
  • Notice Inviting Tender (NIT), Tender Document and Corrigendum/Addendum if any, will be posted on the E Tendering website www.ireps.gov.in Tenderers are advised to complete all submission related work well before Time and Date for Submission of Tender Online.
  • Any request for modification in the time/date of submission of tender due to tenderer’s failure to submit his offer, will not be accepted. No request for extension of the Tender Due Date shall be considered.
  • The tender documents shall be submitted in online mode only through the website. Detailed credential as per the requirement of eligibility criteria and all Schedule are to be submitted in online mode.
  • No tender document will be available offline. Downloading tender documents online and submission of tender online is mandatory for this tender.
  • Any further addendum/Corrigendum for this tender will be posted in DFCCIL tendering portal website. Interested bidders are advised to check the website regularly for any Addendum/ Corrigendum.
  • DFCCIL reserves the right to cancel the tender before submission / opening of tender, postpone the tender submission / opening date and to accept / reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. DFCCIL’s assessment of suitability as per eligibility criteria shall be final and binding.
  • DFCCIL reserves the right to pre-qualify the bidder(s) provisionally based on the documents submitted by them, subject to their final verification. In the event of any document being found false, the provisional qualification shall stand withdrawn, and the next lower bidder shall automatically come to the position of such disqualified bidder. Action against such disqualified tenderers shall be taken as per above Clause No. 8 of Notice Inviting Tender.
  • Information as required as per various Forms to tender documents should be submitted by the tenderers without fail strictly as per formats.

The Tender document can be downloaded from IREPS website www.ireps.gov.in and DFCCIL’s website www.dfccil.com

Source: DFCCIL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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