Digital Rail Maintenance 2021

Digital disruption has permeated every industry around the globe and this has led to the developmental concept of INDUSTRY 4.0, as well as RAILWAY 4.0 and DIGITAL RAILWAY. In recent years, the main technologies and solutions which have accelerated digital transformation in the railway sector are IOT, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Automation.

The use of digital data processing is revolutionizing maintenance of infrastructure and rolling stock. Based on millions of data points captured from sensors on critical train components, analytics can detect impending part defects, ensuring that maintenance is not only done when required, but before a defect occurs. Reliable knowledge of which parts are likely to fail in the near future thus allows for nearly 100% fault prevention, as units that are not currently in service are fixed and breakdowns are avoided. This improves the reliability of the system as the typical operational fleet reserves of 5-15% kept as back-up in the event of faults can now be reduced, thus 
increasing the effective capacity. 

By using cloud computing and consolidating volumes of maintenance data with business processes and IT systems, manufacturers of rolling stock are now able to offer a number of new digital services, such as Fault Detection as a Service, Predictive Maintenance as a Service (PMaaS), and Simulation as a Service.

Digital Rail Maintenance Conference by Trueventus focuses on the transformation journey of the Maintenance Department across the Rail Industry. This event is designed to provide industry professionals with the technological concepts necessary to implementing an effective Digital Maintenance strategy that saves time, money and lives.

Digital Rail Maintenance 2021
Venue: Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore
Date: 7th-8th April 2021
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