Director Operation Reviews The Ongoing Consctruction Work From Kd Singh Babu Stadium To Munshipulia

Sri. Mahendra Kumar (Director Operation) has reviewed the ongoing construction work from KD Singh Babu Stadium to Munshipulia.

In his inspection he reviewed the finishing work of the Diaphragm wall at KD Singh Babu Stadium. Along with this, he oversaw the progress work from in this section and also asked the concern contractual company to speed up the work.

The Construction work for the Special Cantilever Span over ‘Gomti River’ and 60 Meters Special Span near IT flyover is itself a challenging task which is being constructed with strong determination of LMRC.


Along with this, LMRC is sprinkling water every day on both roads and all its work spaces to keep the atmosphere pure. Water is also being sprayed in the same polytechnic casting yard, so that dust, dirt can be controlled to be spread in the air.