DMRC awards contract for innovative Solar Project on Delhi Metro Viaduct

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has recently awarded a significant Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Thandon Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. The project entails the commissioning of a Bi-facial Vertical Solar PV system along the metro viaduct, along with a comprehensive maintenance contract spanning two years.

  • Tender Reference Number: DE/SPV-04
  • Name of Work: Supply, civil work, erection of suitable structure, installation, testing & commissioning of the 100 kW (126 kWp DC Capacity) Bi-facial Vertical Solar PV project in CAPEX model on metro viaduct of DMRC Limited including comprehensive maintenance contract for 2 years including detailed site survey.
  • Awarded Value: INR 89,50,744.45/-
  • Contract Period: 06 Months

In June 2023, the DMRC has invited a tender for Tender Number: DE/SPV-04

Scope of Works:

  • The contractor will receive 255 Bi-facial Solar PV Modules, each with a tentative capacity of 500Wp, supplied at no cost.
  • Responsibilities include taking possession of the modules from storage in the NCR region and transporting them safely to Okhla Vihar metro station.
  • Installation of the modules onto the module mounting structure on the metro viaduct, interconnection of DC cables, testing, and commissioning are part of the scope.
  • Marking of module serial numbers and string numbers with reflecting stickers will also be carried out.
  • The cost of transportation, installation, and interconnections will be included in the BOQ item rate for Installation, Testing & Commissioning of the Bi-facial Solar PV Module..

Planning and Designing:

  • The bidder should carry out Shadow Analysis at the site and accordingly design strings & arrays layout considering optimal usage of space, material and labour.
  • The bidder should submit the array layout drawings along with Shadow Analysis Report to DMRC/Owner for approval.
  • DMRC reserves the right to modify the landscape design, Layout and specification of subsystems and components at any stage as per local site conditions/requirements.
  • The Contractor will engage Chartered Civil Designer/third party agency who will certify the Installation after completion that work has been carried out as per DMRC approved Design. The same Designer will also certify the As Built Drawings.

Modules Mounting Structure (MMS) for Bi-Facial Solar PV Modules:

  • Fabrication and supply of MMS for vertical bifacial solar PV modules as per Volume 5 – Tender Drawings.
  • Installation involves removing existing railing from metro viaduct and welding MMS onto the base plate of the railing.
  • Handover of removed handrails to DMRC at designated place.
  • Installation on elevated metro viaduct between Okhla Vihar and Jamia Millia Islamia Metro Stations without drilling or damaging existing structure.
  • MMS should be fixed to existing inserts and base plate as per detailed technical specification.

Solar Inverters:

  • Two 50 kW Solar Inverters provided to the contractor at no cost.
  • Contractor responsible for taking over inverters from NCR storage, transportation to Okhla Vihar metro station, and erecting GI structure for installation.
  • Installation on GI structure at platform level of Okhla Vihar metro station as per Volume 5 – Tender Drawings.
  • Testing, commissioning, and marking of inverters included.
  • Transportation and GI structure costs included in BOQ item rate.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) for 2 Years:

  • Contractor responsible for preventive, predictive, and breakdown maintenance for 2 years.
  • Tasks include cleaning, tightening, inspection, testing, and replacement of equipment as per DMRC’s checklist.
  • Coordination with DMRC O&M representatives for power block requirements.
  • Biweekly automatic cleaning with manual cleaning once a month.
  • Operation and maintenance activities as per DMRC approved checklist.
  • Maintenance of spares and maximising solar PV plant generation.
  • Checking and maintenance of signboards, markings, stickers, and display drawings included.

Future Outlook:

  • The successful execution of this project sets a precedent for integrating renewable energy solutions into urban transit systems.
  • DMRC’s proactive approach towards sustainable initiatives is likely to inspire similar projects across the country.


The awarding of this tender signifies a significant step towards promoting renewable energy adoption in urban infrastructure projects. With Thandon Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. at the helm, the Delhi Metro is poised to lead by example in sustainable transportation solutions.

Source: DMRC- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): DMRC