Eastern Railway achieves 100% electrification over its jurisdiction

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Successful Loco trial run of the Nimtita-New Farakka section (Route Kilometer  24)  has been completed o­n February 04, 2021. It was the fifth phase of the Nalhati-Azimganj, Katwa-Azimganj & Azimganj-New Farakka electrification project.  

  • Previously the first phase of the electrification of the Azimganj-Nalhati section  (Route Kilometer 45.07), the second phase i.e. Katwa-Azimganj section (Route kilometer 70), the third phase i.e. Azimganj-Manigram section (Route kilometer 20) and the fourth phase i.e. Manigram-Nimtita section including both Sagardighi thermal Power Station and Sonar Bangla Cement Siding (Route kilometer 35) have been completed.
  • With the electrification of the Nimtita-New Farakka section, Eastern Railway achieved 100 % electrification in Nalhati-Azimganj, Katwa-Azimganj and Azimganj-New Farakka sections. 
  • With the electrification of these sections, Eastern Railway achieved a fully electrified route kilometer over its jurisdiction.
  • 100 % electrification over Eastern Railway has provided faster and hassle free train operation and enabled railway to transport freight and passenger traffic with much greater ease. 
  • Electrification has also provided an environment friendly mode of transportation. 
  • It led to savings in Diesel consumption and facilitated a unit traction system with reduced carbon footprint.

Budget 2021-22:

Meanwhile, in the General Budget 2021-22, Eastern Railway has obtained considerably good budgetary allocation in different developmental projects. The total plan outlay for the year 2021-22 is 10.86% higher than that of last year’s fund allocation. Last year, the budgetary allocation was Rs. 2273.69 crores for Eastern Railway. For 2021-22, the fund allocation is Rs. 2520.70 crores.

  • There is a considerable increase of funds in all important areas related to train operations and passenger amenities.
  • In passenger amenity, there is an increase of 14% fund allocation in the current financial year that of the last year i.e. 2020-21. 
  • This year, Rs.178.71 crores have been allocated for passenger amenity works whereas last year Rs. 156.75 crores were allocated.
  • In track renewal, there is an enhancement of 7.69% of fund allocation in the current financial year than that of the last year i.e. 2020-21. 
  • This year Rs.560 crore have been allocated for track renewal in comparison to Rs. 520 crore allocated in the last year’s budget.
  • In Signalling & Telecommunication, there is a remarkable increase of 84.43% fund allocation in the current financial year than that of the last year i.e. 2020-21. 
  • In the present financial year, Rs.135.06 crore have been allocated for Signalling & Telecommunication works to ensure even better safety and smooth train running. 
  • In the last financial year, Rs. 73.23 crore was allocated  for Signalling & Telecommunication works.
  • To ensure safety in level crossing gate, Rs. 43.44 crore and for Road Overbridge/Road Underbridge, Rs. 97.23 crores have been allocated to ensure hassle free train operations.
  • Moreover, fund has been allocated in the current financial year for the following important projects of Eastern Railway which are detailed as under:-
    • Construction of new coaching terminal at Dankuni – Rs. 439.5 crores.
    • Dankuni-Chandanpur 4th line – Rs. 73 crores.
    • Bandel – Boinchi 3rd line – Rs. 45 crores.
    • Boinchi – Shaktigarh 3rd line – Rs. 40 crores.
    • Monigram – Nimtita doubling work – Rs. 120.20 crores.
  • Indian Railways has prioritized infrastructure works. 
  • Adequate funds therefore have been allocated for timely completion of projects and funds are also given depending upon progress of works. 
  • Eastern Railway always looks after a comfortable and safe journey for its commuters.
  • Therefore above allocation of funds will boost up the progress in this direction.

Source: Eastern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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