Eastern Railway constructs Limited Height Subway (LHS) between Kurmodanga Halt and Daskalgram Stations

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Eastern Railway constructed another Limited Height Subway between Kurmodanga Halt and Daskalgram Stations.

More Details:

  • In accomplishment of Eastern Railway’s mission of increasing sectional speed by replacing level crossings, construction wing of ER’s Howrah Division completed the construction work for a Limited Height Subway (LHS) in replacement of Level Crossing Gate No. 10/C between Kurmodanga Halt and Daskalgram stations in Katwa – Ahmadpur section over Howrah Division.

  • The construction work for this LHS completed successfully within the scheduled duration of traffic and power block was taken for this purpose o­n 19.02.2023, which was possible due to better planning and perfect coordination in between various departments of Eastern Railway at work site.
  • The construction of this Limited Height Subway will not o­nly enhance sectional speed by increasing average speed of Mail/Express as well as Goods trains but also ensure safety for both Rail and Road traffic.
  • Besides, construction of this LHS will provide more operational flexibilities and at the same time it will significantly bring down greenhouse gas in the locality by diminishing the bunching of road traffic.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Eastern Railway

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