Eastern Railway continuing seamless freight services to transport essential commodities

To maintain supply of essential commodities at different corners of the country since initiation of Nation-wide lock down, Eastern Railway (ER) is running freight trains as well as Parcel Express trains o­n round the clock basis. Freight trains carrying food grains, sugar, edible oil, fertilizer, steel, cement, stone, petroleum products, coal etc are reaching at different areas to cater to the demand of consumables and other inputs.

Eastern Railway has run a total of 272 freight trains o­n 10.06.2020, the breakup of which is as follows:

  • Ash – 2 Rakes
  • Automobile – 1 Rake
  • Railway Material Consignment & Ballast – 5 Rakes
  • Cement – 27 Rakes
  • Clinker – 5 Rakes
  • Container – 14 Rakes
  • Coal and mineral – 60 Rakes
  • De-oiled Cake – 1 Rake
  • Edible Oil – 2 Rakes
  • Fertiliser – 5 rakes
  • Jute – 1 rake
  • POL product – 4 Rakes
  • Food Grains & Rice – 3 Rakes
  • Onion – 1 Rake
  • Slag – 2 Rakes
  • Sugar – 2 Rakes
  • Steel – 11 Rakes
  • Stone – 18 Rakes
  • Tar – 1 Rake
  • Wheat – 5 Rakes

Besides, 102 Empty Rakes were dispatched to different freight operating point to facilitate loading of essential commodities.

Everywhere health & hygiene of field staff are well taken care of keeping in view the basic guidelines of social distancing. Proper sanitization is also being done wherever required.

Parcel Express trains :

Meanwhile, ER is running Parcel Express trains in different routes for carrying essential items.

  • Parcel Express trains are being run by ER in different phases in different routes o­n their nominated days of run, to carry essential commodities including consumables, perishables, medical equipment, medicines etc. during lock down period to support the need of time for swift transport those materials to different corners of the country.
  • From 10.4.2020, ER started operation of Parcel Express trains.
  • Total trip originated from ER upto 7.6.2020 is 332 and transported more than 8348 Tonnes of consignment.

These parcel traffic of ER by carrying essential commodities has helped in maintaining the supply chain to meet the market demand as well as medicines, medical equipment, PPE materials transported helped in combating the spread of COVID-19.

Source: Eastern Railway-Press Release

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