Eastern Railway introduces GPS based electronic lock to enhance security of goods and parcel transport

To enhance security and ensure safe transport of goods and parcels, Eastern Railway has started to use an electronic lock blended with a GPS system to monitor the status of door locks.

More Details:

  • In this direction, Eastern Railway’s Howrah Division has started a pilot project of locking the parcel vans and freight wagons using electronic locks instead of the conventional system of padlocks and wire seals.
  • The electronic locks are being used o­n a large scale by various industries like E-Commerce and FMCG for transporting their goods through closed-body trucks o­n roads.
  • These electronic locks are tamper proof and are also fitted with GPS chips to monitor their location as well as close / open status. These are locked / unlocked using OTP (on the manufacturer’s App) which is received o­nly o­n the authorized mobile numbers.
  • Fitment has been done o­n o­ne parcel van (4 doors) and the same is being attached o­n Howrah-Guwahati Saraighat Express (12345) starting o­n 04.02.2023. The VP (Parcel Van) is locked at the originating station by authorised commercial staff through OTP and again unlocked at destination by authorised commercial staff.

  • Similarly, the process for fitting such locks o­n o­ne full rake of BCN wagons has also been started during Periodical Overhauling at Liluah Workshop, Eastern Railway. O­nce the wagons are ready, these would be run as an integral rake in a closed circuit by Eastern Railway.
  • This system will reduce pilferage / theft of articles and claims by customers and also enhance customer satisfaction. The locks are paired with a particular parcel van serial number or wagon serial number which prevents unauthorised or accidental opening of the locks through the App.

The other features of this locking system are as under:

  • Locking/unlocking of o­ne parcel van/wagon would take 2-3 minutes o­nly.
  • The electronic unlocking is a battery operated system and its expected battery life is 03 years. In case of low battery, provision of extending power supply through USB is available.
  • In case a keypad has gone out of order or damaged, it can be operated through bluetooth connection with mobile.
  • The authorized personnel / mobile numbers are created by the nominated railway officials.
  • Locks are covered through hatch to prevent mischief enroute.
  • The manufacturer provides 24×7 customer service as well as maintenance.
  • Eastern Railway is planning to run this pilot project for a few months and collect the feed-back of users as well as customers to plan further improvements for a larger roll out. The cost of the locking system per vehicle is about Rs. 60,000/-

Shri Arun Arora, General Manager, Eastern Railway described this electronic lock as very effective which enables real time visibility, tracking and control of transport assets for improved operational efficiency, security & customer satisfaction. General Manager also congratulated Shri Manish Jain, DRM/Howrah and his team for being pioneers in introducing this state-of-the-art system in Eastern Railway.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Eastern Railway