Eastern Railway successfully completed the casting of the deck slab of Road Over Bridge at Jamalpur

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Eastern Railway’s construction department, in coordination with other departments, has successfully completed the casting of the deck slab of Road Over Bridge No. 215 at Jamalpur.

More details:

  • The replacement of the old road over bridge is absolutely necessary as the bridge is almost 100 years old and its girders have almost expired the codal life. The condition of piers and abutments are not sound enough for placement of new girders.
  • Hence, a new ROB has been proposed in place of the existing ROB. Approximately, 150 cubic metres of concrete and 58 MT steel used in the casting of the deck slab. The casting of deck slab was completed with the help of 02 no. of Self-Loading Concrete Mixture Machines with an arrangement of concrete Pump for placing the concrete.
  • After the completion, the new Road Over Bridge will establish direct seamless connectivity with the state highways and Jamalpur workshop.
  • Heavily loaded trucks carrying iron/steel and other materials for workshop will be able to play over this bridge after commissioning. It will also connect IRIMEE, Jamalpur Main Hospital (Railway), Pilot Training School, Diesel Shed and other important Railways Establishments and tourist places (kali Pahari etc.) located in Jamalpur.
  • Eastern Railway is accomplishing many long pending infrastructure works in the recent past to provide more and more operational mobility for both rail & road traffic.

Source: Eastern Railway -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): IRCEP

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