Eastern Railway Update: Jamalpur workshop achieves highest ever periodic overhauling record of 670 Wagons in July 2022

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Jamalpur Workshop, Asia’s first ever Railway Workshop, was established o­n 8th February, 1962 in Monghyr, Bihar. It has an illustrious history of wagon manufacturing, periodic overhauling & manufacturing of cranes etc.

More details:

  • During July 2022, Jamalpur Workshop has successfully achieved All Time Best Wagon Periodic Overhauling (POH) of 670 wagons, which is the highest ever POH outturn in a month surpassing the previous highest of 653 wagons achieved in January 2022.
  • Till July of o­ngoing financial year 2022-23, Jamalpur Workshop has done highest wagons POHed, compared to any other Workshop of Indian Railways.
  • The CASNUB bogie workshop of Jamalpur Workshop has also created history by outturning 1336 bogies in a month while 2848 wheel sets turned out in July 2022 by Jamalpur Workshop which is also highest ever outturn.
  • All the wagons were turned out with Twin Pipe Arrangement in pursuance of Railway Board’s guidelines for ensuring better efficiency and braking system of wagons. Besides, Jamalpur Workshop has also maintained an impeccable record of Zero Local Passing of wagons since July 2019.
  • Jamalpur Workshop, under the able guidance of Shri Arun Arora, General Manager/Eastern Railway, has been scaling new heights for the last o­ne year. The Workshop had managed to achieve the highest ever POH record annual outturn of 6454 wagons in the last financial year 2021-22.
  • This year also till July 2022, Jamalpur Workshop had overhauled the highest number of 2454 wagons amongst all workshops under Indian Railways.

Source: Eastern Railway -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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