Eastern Railway’s GM, Shri Arun Arora holds a meeting for redevelopment of Bandel Station

Shri Arun Arora, General Manager, Eastern Railway holds a high-level meeting to discuss the speedy execution of the redevelopment programme of Bandel station.

More Details:

  • This meeting was held at Eastern Railway’s Headquarters at Fairlie Place wherein all Principal Heads of Departments & DRMs of Howrah & Sealdah divisions were present with whom the General Manager discussed about the ins & outs of station redevelopment at a length.
  • In the meeting, a presentation was made by Delhi based architect EDMAC Engineering Consultant (I) Pvt. Ltd. During the presentation by the consultant organisation, all the aspects were discussed and few suggestions were given to provide world class amenities & facilities for the passengers at Bandel station.
  • These stations being o­ne of the busiest junction stations of Howrah division having a connective link between Sealdah & Howrah divisions facilitating movement of numerous long distance & passenger trains.

Following amenities has been planned for Bandel station re-development:

  • Integrating both sides of the City i.e. Entry/Exit for the new modern building replica of Old Jubilee Bridge will be constructed with arrival and departure separately.
  • User-friendly signages understandable by all standards of passengers. Additional facilities by retail shopping, hospitality, food court, etc.
  • Well eliminating circulating area and sufficient provision of drop off/pick up of passengers.
  • Green building of optimum usages of ventilation and lighting.
  • Both the station building, East side and West side with the unique structure with modern state of art facilities.
  • Segregation of arrival/departure of passengers avoiding conflict between incoming and outgoing facilities.  Separate FOBs for arrival and departure to avoid overcrowding.
  • All essential facilities at roof plaza i.e. catering, small retail, washroom, ATM, o­ne Station o­ne Product, Kids play zone, pharmacy, internet/Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. integrating with other modes of public transport systems.
  • The whole project will be costing around ₹349 cr. The station will be equipped with an escalator, lift and staircase for passengers’ comfort. To avoid traffic jams, elevated drop off with multilayer parking has been planned.
  • This will benefit all the passengers as well as Railway users with great comfortability and easy to travel. Commercial complex has also been planned in the station area. For re-development of the station o­ne more subway has been planned along with widening of the roads and provision of pathway for pedestrians and traffic.

Shri Arun Arora, General Manager, Eastern Railway has said that observations & suggestions by the consultant organisation will be sent to the Railway Board for their appraisal.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Eastern Railway