Eastern Railway’s GM, Shri Arun Arora visits Jamalpur Workshop and gives insights on achievements of the workshop

Shri Arun Arora, General Manager, Eastern Railway visited Jamalpur Workshop, also held a press conference at Jamalpur. While addressing the press and media, Shri Arora revealed the best-ever achievement of Jamalpur Workshop.

More Details:

The account of which is as follows:

  • The Periodical Over Hauling (POH) outturn of Jamalpur Workshop has been increased by 11% and this workshop has done POH of even 703 wagons per month, which is highest in a month.
  • Jamalpur Workshop is manufacturing 5 types of wagons and having sufficient supply for 2 years. In the FY 2022-23, Jamalpur Workshop is going to manufacture the highest number of wagons in the last 5 years. It is also projected that during March ’23, 100 wagons in a month will be manufactured.

  • Jamalpur Workshop is manufacturing 6 numbers of 140T Crane every year which is an excellent performance. The workshop is also supplying 4 Nos. of 140T Crane to DFCCIL and o­ne number to SAIL.
  • Jamalpur Workshop has been entrusted with new works like manufacturing of 8-Wheeler Tower Cars and POH of High Horse Power Locomotives.
  • The Workshop has reduced the POH cost by 11.5 % during 2022-23. The Workshop is also installing a Solar Power Plant to reduce Carbon Foot Print. By the end of 2023-24, Carbon Foot Print will be reduced from 8198 MT to 2810 MT which will be approximately 2/3rd of the earlier Carbon Foot Print.
  • Extension of many shops and commissioning of modern machines is being done to meet the higher productivity requirement in future.
  • During the visit at Jamalpur Workshop, the General Manager thoroughly inspected different units & sub-units and facilities at the workshop and appreciated the maintenance and developmental works carried out at this historical workshop in recent years.
  • From beautification to performance, from environment care to manufacturing excellence, in every aspect Jamalpur Workshop has shown outstanding feats.

The details of which are as follows:

  • Garden in front of the Administrative Building is beautifully maintained by displaying artefacts made from scraps and old heritage equipment. Also, a message about green energy is being displayed.
  • The Workshop has developed a beautiful new heritage museum named “DHARA”. Heritage wall clocks and photographs depicting the history of Jamalpur, are beautifully displayed. Books more than 100 years old are kept in the museum.

  • DFCCIL has placed an order for supply of 4 nos. of 140T cranes. Third crane in this series has been handed over to DFCCIL.
  • Jamalpur Workshop has done extension of Wagon Repair Shop-4 for additional berthing of 12 wagons. This will result in an increase in wagon POH by approx. 50 numbers per month.
  • The Workshop has developed the State-of-Art CTRB Overhauling Section which has all the modern machines and equipment for reliable maintenance of CTRB.
  • The Workshop has also developed a very modern DV Overhauling Section which has 3 numbers of Computerised Test Benches.
  • An old BST Shop which was earlier used for manufacturing of Rolling Stock Components has been modified for manufacturing of wagons. This project has been executed in a very short period. The Workshop’s effort is praiseworthy.
  • The work of installing 3.7 MWP Solar Power Plant o­n PPP Model, is in full swing and expected to be completed by June, 2024. This will reduce Carbon foot Print of the Workshop upto a great extent.
  • Flagging off of 5 Types of wagons manufactured at Jamalpur workshop had been done.
  • A new double storey building along with a meeting room has been set up for better coordination and record keeping of Wagon POH. The power supply in the building is being catered through solar energy which is a good initiative.
  • Shri Arun Arora, General Manager/Eastern Railway also visited the TA Camp at Jamalpur, built for accommodation of trainee JCOs at Territorial Army Camp. For this camp a double storeyed building has been constructed to accommodate a higher number of trainees.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Eastern Railway

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