Energizing Urban Commute with Li-ion Battery

Euclion incorporates several technologies for optimized thermal management and advance electronics to work in adverse environmental conditions. Top notch software technology for communication with host device. Customization according to application requirement and specific needs.

With an experience of almost two decades, Euclion has evolved into a beacon of solutions in customized battery for consumers around the globe. Having an expertise in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, Euclion provides battery packs in all the 7 chemistries for Railways, E-vehicle, defense and medical utilities, on-grid and off-grid based energy storage solutions and aerospace applications. Serving clients like EESL, Wipro, L&T and several government undertakings Euclion aims to be the India’s first lithium ion cell manufacturing company by 2020 so as to control component and production cost with leading edge technology to solve competitive market challenges.

With top notch software technology and manufacturing practices Euclion assures to serve with apt solution to your required specifications and integrate batteries to power your device with our engineering expertise and most advance technology for thermal management available worldwide with state of the art Battery management System, while considering factor of safety, reliability, performance and cost.

Along with a dynamic presence in EV battery market and batteries for industrial power tools, Euclion has 1 MWh BESS in 20ft and 40ft containers which is capable of providing large scale energy storage solutions for domestic and industrial purposes for power backup.

With our on-grid & off-grid energy storage solutions, the issue of power outage in all electric trains can be addressed with an unmatched efficiency. This helps in powering the basic utilities and services in case of emergency/failure. Battery based energy storage solutions can also help in reducing electricity usage by powering metro stations for numerous applications.

Further information on the website :- www.euclionenergy.com

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.