Equipment for HIGH SPEED RAIL construction

Equipment for HIGH-SPEED RAIL construction

CAD 2000 MLS INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1983 by Eng. Guido Raffaello Malagutti. We study, design and manufacture equipment according to the project specifications in terms of quality, safety, reliability, easy for use & maintenance with money saving investments considering the all lifetime of use for the specific project execution.

Who we are :

We have supplied equipment for the construction of some important Railways around the world either for tunneling or for bridging execution, starting from the Channel Tunnel between France and UK (English Side), then in many others Countries till the HIGH-SPEED RAILWAYS in Italy, Taiwan, South Korea.

Our Supplies :

We have developed a wide range of equipment specifically customized for each project.

Equipment for Tunnel construction: Standard & Rubber tires formworks, ISIG (Internal Structure Installation gantry), MAS (Multipurpose Advanced Shuttle), service machines.

Equipment for Bridges construction: graveling machines for underwater foundations for cable-stayed & suspended bridges, piling formworks, bridges precast elements, lifting equipment, straddle carriers, launching girders.

Our Customers :

Ambitious projects are executed by First Class Contractors. We are proud to be partner of the most important Contractors in the world because they have always clearly expressed appreciation about the reliability of our equipment, the high standard services and the great problems solving ability of our engineers.

Our Mission :

The Company invest continuously in the most advanced design and analysis software as well as looking new ideas, solutions and technologies for the execution of the projects

Our technical team with the most qualified local Agents, in India we are represented by BSA ENGINEERING & DESIGN CONSULTANTS, are always open to study closely with the Contractors the best way to optimize the construction processes of the project reducing the execution time by using our well-proven systems.

CAD 2000 MLS INTERNATIONAL with 36 years’ experience is today a world-wide well-known Company having been involved in many big projects.

We have developed with our customers not only the simple «supplier» relationships but also friendship and confidential partnership relation thanks to the high standards of our engineering, top quality, and human approach.

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This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.