ER’s Business Development Unit starts movement of first ever container rakes for export to African countries

The Business Development Units (BDUs) formed at Headquarters as well as Divisional levels are continuously interacting with the freight customers for transporting freight traffic in different corners of the country and abroad. The BDUs are working hard for best possible customers relations, implementing feedback from the freight customers and acting as a catalytic agents for better freight business.

  • BDU of Howrah Division started the movement of  first ever container rakes from Sainthia to Haldia port for export of rice to African countries o­n 03.10.2020. 
  • This enables the local product to reach global market.
  • Due to persistent and proactive marketing by BDUs, Asansol, Container Corporation of India Limited transported rice from Durgapur to West African ports of Cotonou (Benin) and Lome (Togo) via Haldia port o­n 30.09.2020.
  • Due to active endeavour and persistent role, Howrah Division succeeded in loading 512 tonnes of rice in Barddhaman Goods Shed o­n 25.9.2020 to be transported to Jirania (Agartala).
  • This endeavour proves the proactiveness of BDU, Howrah Division like that of Asansol Division.

The BDUs as created both at the Headquarters level and at the Divisional levels are operated throughout Eastern Railway and they are leaving no stone unturned for attracting new traffic and increasing the rail share in the existing stream of traffic. They are constantly interacting with the industries and facilitating them for carrying the consignment by rail. The interested industries are contacting the BDUs in their area to get o­ne stop solution for their transportation needs. The BDUs, both at zonal and Divisional levels are meeting with the industries at regular intervals to capture new traffic and exploring new traffic initiatives. Basic objective of all these is to bring ease in transportation of freight traffic through rail.

Recent Progress:

Business Development Units (BDUs) formed at Eastern Railway (ER) headquarters as well as divisional level are continuously interacting with the freight customers for inducting new variety of freight traffic as well as increasing the volume of existing bulk freight traffic.

  • ER’s BDUs are working hard for better customer relations, implementing feedback from the freight customers and acting as a catalyst for better freight business.
  • Due to relentless effort by ER’S Business Development Unit at  Asansol, SAIL (IISCO) agreed for the first time to load approx 25000 MT of their steel scrap arising from IISCO plant in wagons and send to Bokaro Steel Plant. 
  • First such rake of 43 wagons was loaded at IISCO Steel Plant o­n 1/10/2020 taking advantage of Empty Flow Direction policy of IR, thus enabling an additional earning of approx Rs. 5 lakhs. 
  • Additional rakes will be loaded to clear the entire scrap from IISCO Steel Plant.

Source: Eastern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit: Eastern Railway

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