Ethical And Honest Behaviour At Its Best: Lucknow Metro Staff Safley Return More Than Rs 60, 000 To Its Commuters!

Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has taken up the standard of passenger services to a next level. It has always fulfilled the expectations of its passengers. It is quite usual that all the operational stations on the North- South Corridor (between Transport Nagar to Charbagh) report incidents where the commuters forget their valuables at or near the Metro station and the forgotten goods are returnedsafely to the Metro commuters due to staff’s sincerity and honesty.

Recently, two such incidents have come up, which have strengthened the bond of trust between LMRC and its commuters. On September 11, 2018, a security guard – Mr. Akash Mishra – found a ladies purse inside a Metro train standing at platform no. 1 at the Transport Nagar Metro station. After searching the purse, the guard found Rs 4,077 cash in the purse. He immediately submitted the purse with the cash amount to the Station Controller Mr. Rahul Kumar. The Station Controller then informed Mr. Akhilesh, a resident of Raipur, Maharajganj, District – Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh who later collected it from the Metro station.

On September 10, 2018 around 9.30 AM, an employee of M/s Alstom– Mr. Girish Kumar – lost his Rs 1, 000 while frisking at the security check point at the Transport Nagar Metro Depot. Security guard Mr. P. N. Tiwari found the cash and immediately informed Mr. Sanjeev Devnath, Security Officer/G4S about the incident. The Security Officer then immediately informed Mr. Girish Kumar Valmiki about his lost cash and subsequently Mr. Kumar collected the money from the security staff and praised LMRC for following the path of such great ethics.

During this month (i.e. September, 2018), one bag and one Oppo mobile phone have also been found, which were returned to the passengers. The security arrangements at all Metro stations are so tight and perfect that no suspicious object or activity can be overlooked at or near the Metro stations. On 10th September, 2018, an unclaimed motorcycle was found lying on the road near Transport Nagar. The PAC’s security personnel immediately informed the security control room. The control room then handed over the motorcycle to the Sarojini Nagar police station.

According to the records of this year, Lucknow Metro has recovered a cumulative cash of Rs 60,657 from the system and has returned it to the rightful Metro passengers. Lucknow Metro is playing the role of a ‘true friend’ for the Lucknowites which takes full care of the convenience and safety of the passengers.

Source: LMRC