ETTI 2017

ETTI 2017 Date of Event: 30/01/2017

Event Type: Conference

Focus Area: Manufacturing & Production

ETTI 2017 is a great opportunity for professionals, manufacturers, researchers and service providers from across the world to showcase their technological achievements and share their experience and knowledge with the infrastructure professionals based in India.
This high-pro level event would be a great chance to present your organization to the most representative group of people involved in creating advanced and sustainable transport systems. This will be a true reflection of ‘Tomorrow’s Mobility’.
This conference will also open a chance for ‘Multinational companies’ to interact, understand and value the growing need of technologies in transport infrastructure in India.
We do hope that ETTI 2017 will prove to be (also thanks to your presence) a perfect occasion for a dialogue between different organizations and relevant stakeholders associated with transport sector which is nowadays one of the most important segments of both domestic and global economies.
During this Conference you can learn about:

  1.  European Train Control System (ETCS) and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)
  2.  Auto haul
  3.  Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  4.  Smart infrastructure
  5.  Intelligent fleet logistics
  6.  Decision support for incident management
  7.  Alternative energy sources
  8.  High speed rail
  9.  Remote monitoring of infrastructure
  10.  Modern construction methodologies and techniques
  11.  Intelligent highways
  12.  Light rail
  13.  Monitoring drones for predictive maintenance and improved security
  14.  Integration of rail and road transport
  15.  NBIC Cluster (nanotechnology, biotechnology, info technology and cognitive sciences)

ETTI Conference 2017
Venue: Mumbai, India
Dates: Jan 30-31, 2017
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