Excellent Quality, No Downtime The Welding System For Highest Efficiency

A passion for new technologies, intensive research, and revolutionary solutions have been shaping the Fronius brand since 1945. As a technology leader, we find, develop and implement innovative methods to monitor and control energy for welding technology, photovoltaics, and battery charging. We forge new paths, try something difficult and succeed where others have failed in achieving what seems to be impossible. But these are not the only reasons why Fronius is the global leader in innovation and technology. We have a clear vision, an unremittingly inventive spirit and an ingrained sense of quality, so we can keep shifting the limits of what is possible and set the trends that change the market. In the Perfect Welding Division, we direct our attention to generating the perfect arc to ensure consistently high welding quality.

Think Welding. Think Fronius

Fronius and the Perfect Welding Business Unit have been developing welding technologies and system solutions for arc welding and resistance spot welding since 1950 and have pushed forward the rate of progress in the welding technology sector in leaps and bounds. Today we are the global technology leader in the arc welding technology segment. With our innovative developments, we have made applications possible that others had written off as unachievable, such as the thermal joining of steel and aluminum. The range of products offered by the Perfect Welding Business Unit includes manual and automatic power sources and complete systems as well as the related services.

Fronius has also launched the intelligent series for the TPS machine series. The TPS/I Power source is available with manual and robotics. Thanks to its modular design and the ease with which the system can be extended, the TPS/i is ideal for a wide range of manual applications. It is available in the following power categories: 270, 320, 400, 500, and 600 A. The various welding packages offer even more flexibility, with the advantage that the operator can switch the individual processes with speed and ease depending on the application. Regular software updates add to the functional scope offered by the system.

The TPS/I Robotics is the perfect link between man, machine and manufacturer. Maximum scope for individualization simplified interaction characteristics.

TPS/i is setting new standards in automated series production lines with exceptional welding quality, maximum reliability and highest efficiency.

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.