Exclusive Interview with Mr. Riccardo Pasinetti, General Manager of Railways Division, Lucchini RS

Rail Analysis: Lucchini RS is a manufacturer of Rail Wheels and Axles, operating globally in this market. Are you also present in India?

Mr. Riccardo Pasinetti: The wheels and axles of Lucchini RS have been equipping the Indian fleet for more than 50 years.

We have supplied the Indian railways with thousands of wheelsets but also wheels, axles and railway tyres.

In the last 20 years our products have also often been chosen by the European and Asian train manufacturers who supplied both Indian Railways and metropolitan Subways. 

Rail Analysis: How Lucchini will face the “Make in India” match?

Mr. Riccardo Pasinetti: Lucchini RS is already in the context of “Make in India” which sees an industrial revolution underway, that makes India competitive in the world.

In India, the big train manufacturers have installed plants producing railway bogies on which are assembled Lucchini RS components.

Rail Analysis: Where do Indian manufacturers export these trains?

Mr. Riccardo Pasinetti: We have the honour of having equipped, with our wheels and axles, the trains that an Indian manufacturer have delivered this year to Australia – Sydney. This is a milestone of the “Make in India”. Trains produced in India, operating abroad, run on Lucchini RS wheels. 

Rail Analysis: How does Lucchini RS get prepared to follow this market?

Mr. Riccardo Pasinetti: We are investing in increasing our presence in the territory by creating an Indian team that follows all technical and commercial aspects. We invest in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership, thanks to the cooperation with Multiple Special Steel Pvt. Ltd., the historic partner in Bangalore.

Rail Analysis: The rail market is said to be mature but without a strong innovation?

Mr. Riccardo Pasinetti: Absolutely not. Rather, I think that Rail Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal has made dynamic the railway sector in India: we will respond with some innovations, leading to the future of Rolling Stock, especially for environmental sustainability and reduction of operating costs.

Rail Analysis: Which ones, for example?

Mr. Riccardo Pasinetti: Hypno® the low noise wheel, Smartset® the smart wheelset that can be inspected “on condition”, UpLos® the improved steel for higher performances, LurShell® the protection of the axle to avoid ballast inducted damages. We presented them during the International Wheelset Congress, last June in Venice.

The revolution announced by Mr Piyush Goyal  will impact Indian economy positively and will be long lasting as long as the Rolling Stocks – in particular wheels and axles, the most important components in term of “safety critical” – will be high quality, efficient and ready to collect all the benefits of the Digital Innovation.

For us, the Mr Piyush Goyal Revolution marks the way to follow India as the revolutionary global manufacturer of Rolling Stock.

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