Exclusive Interview with Mr. Subrat Nath , Managing Director , Talgo India Private Limited

After Our Previous Interaction with Mr Subrat Nath in October 2017 after the Trials of Talgo , Rail Analysis India Team reached out again to share His Fresh Perspective on bringing Talgo train in India and the present and future strategy of Talgo ..

Rail Analysis India:  Please update us on the progress of your initiatives in India?

Mr. Subrat Nath: Talgo train trail run in India proved the advantage of the train as well as its compatibility to Indian Railway infrastructure. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi India is leaving no stones unturned to promote make in India. Minister of Railway Mr. Piyush Goyal has clear ideas on modernization of Indian Railway which includes procurement of modern high speed rolling stock. We are constantly in discussion with Indian Railway as the preparations for various tenders are going on. We are ready to make in India and bring the cutting edge technology in terms of safety, comfort and speed to India.

Rail Analysis India: What is your feedback on the recently announced budget ( railway sector )?

Mr. Subrat Nath: The current budget is very promising. If you study the budget in details you will have an clear idea that the focus of Indian Government is to provide safer, faster journey to passengers of Indian Railway which will be world class. In relation to what is promised you can already see actions happening.

Rail Analysis India: What are the achievements worldwide in the recent months by Talgo including projects in Europe?

Mr. Subrat Nath: After winning the Mecca-Medina High speed train project of Saudi Arabia. Talgo has secured the last high speed tender in Europe. The tender is valued at 786 Million Euros. Talgo is going to supply its latest high speed train Avril. Talgo Avrili’s very aerodynamic, high capacity train that has the advantage to offer 3+2 seating on standard gauge track respecting UIC standard.

Rail Analysis India: Besides the Aluminium Coach Project in India, Is Talgo also looking to enter into other areas of the Railways and Rolling Stock Maintenance?

Mr. Subrat Nath: Talgo is targeting various projects including, high speed passenger coaches, EMUs, Trainsets projects. Talgo has extensive experience in maintaining trains and is open to look at those opportunities as well.

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Rail Analysis India: In the recent focus of Railways for leasing metro coaches and other developments, How do you view this initiative?

Mr. Subrat Nath: This is a matter of policy. To implement the right policy detailed study has to be done keeping in mind interest of operator, User and Supplier. If right mechanism is adapted this can be a success.

Rail Analysis India: What are the plans of Talgo for setting up of unit in India under the Make in India programme? What could be the tentative location for this project and how much time would you require to set up the project ?

Mr. Subrat Nath: Talgo is looking forward to make in India. We know the potential of Indian young Engineers and it is a big advantage in terms of qualified man power that can be trained. Past experience says Indian Railway propose the location of project. Given a chance to choose many factors has to be considered like availability of man power, suppliers base and ease of doing business.

Rail Analysis India: If Talgo sets up the factory in India ( after securing a significant order here ), do you also think that supplying to adjoining nations is viable and that would make Talgo competitive in Asia as well?

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Mr. Subrat Nath: This is the aim of Talgo. Make in India will help us get competitive in and out of India. We will certainly take advantage of this to supply to neighboring countries.

Rail Analysis India: Any additional information that you would like to share with our readers?

Mr. Subrat Nath: India is Top priority market for Talgo. The focus of Talgo is here. We have successfully done a trail run and Talgo is the most suitable technology for India to give a safer, faster and more comfortable service to users of Indian Railway. We are ready to compete and supply the best of the technology in terms of safety, comfort and reliability.

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