Exclusive Interview with Mr. Tilak Raj Seth, Head Mobility, Siemens Limited

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Interview Insights

Rail Analysis: What is the current status of implementation of Driverless Train Technology for Phase 2 of Bengaluru Metro? How will this technology improve capacity, punctuality, reliability, and provide enhanced safety for passengers?

Mr. Tilak Raj Seth: Bengaluru Metro will see the first Driverless Train Technology for its 18.8 km Yellow line. Once equipped with automated signalling and train operations technology, the line will be able to accommodate a headway of 90 seconds for high capacity levels. Our state of the art CBTC signaling at GoA 4 will allow trains to operate driverless, as they will be automatically controlled and supervised without any onboard intervention. This will deliver a truly modern system featuring superior availability, reliability and passenger experience.



Rail Analysis: What are the current Railway & Metro projects Siemens is executing in India and Can you please share the updated footprint of Siemens in the Indian market for rolling stock, signalling, electrification and other initiatives in the Railway & Metro Sector?

Mr. Tilak Raj Seth: Siemens India has 21 factories and we are truly a global company with a high depth of manufacturing in India. We participate in all the mainline as well as Metro cities electrification, signaling and tele-communications opportunities. We are a key component and systems supplier to Indian railways manufacturing and operational units. We are also participating in metro projects through ongoing and upcoming tenders.

We are working towards faster, accurate and advanced digitalization solutions to address the daily challenges faced by our customers.

In these times, when physical inspection is nearly impossible, we are offering customized solutions based on our strategic pyramid of electrification, automation and digitalization to ensure our customers experience an uninterrupted operation.

Our specific solutions on Rolling stock propulsion for their locomotives, hotel load converters and the signaling solutions are aiding Indian railways meet their aspirations of adding capacity and improving throughput, in addition to the greener aspect of the technology that our solutions bring on the table.



Rail Analysis: Now Indian Railways is giving special emphasis on infrastructure development projects such as complete electrification and signalling modernization. How do you view these projects and How can Siemens play a major role in these projects?

Mr. Tilak Raj Seth: Rail transport is the backbone of India’s growing economy and Siemens has been a reliable partner in India’s growth story. From rail transport perspective, we all know that Indian Railways is committed to augment the throughput on its infrastructure, enhance capacity and accelerate asset addition.

I am proud to say we are actively contributing to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative by following local addition in the entire value chain of engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning along with after sales services.



Rail Analysis: Any additional insights you would like to share with our readers?

Mr. Tilak Raj Seth: The Mobility Market in India is continuously growing and adding infrastructure assets on regular basis. There is focus on speed upgradation, making Rolling stock more modern as well as enhancing capacity and throughput.

The impetus of government on ‘Make in India’ as well as ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ are important initiatives and the full potential of India along with international experience is on one side aiding the infrastructure creation at a fast pace and on the other bringing in a long term sustainability to the Rail Industry players in India.

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