Exclusive Interview with Shri Mani Narayanan, Managing Director, Messer Cutting Systems India Private Limited

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Rail Analysis: Messer is the Pioneer in Thermal cutting machine Industry, what is the latest in your offering, and how do you handle the Market dynamics?

Shri Mani Narayanan: Yes, Messer is Pioneer in Thermal Cutting Machine industry. What started as a very humble Oxy torch business in the year 1898 has grown into a multi- billion business conglomerate worldwide in 123 years. We always strive to be ahead of the Market by Seeing the world through our Customer Eyes. We balance and master the two worlds of contradictions.ie World of Innovation and World of Excellence, and this is what is driving us to continue to be pioneer in any emerging technology in Metal Cutting industry. It’s all about blending Excellence and Innovation in every part of business. Hence, we are committed to be the pioneer in future as well to bring out the latest in this industry to the customers.

Constant and Consistent Collaboration with the Customers and ever-growing hunger for Excellence ensure that Messer Dynamics syncs well with the Market Dynamics. Being a consultant and solution provider for the complex needs of the customer is the Hall mark of Messer which no other company can boast of. We nurture Value driven Relationship with our customers. Others can copy or snatch the design or technology from us but not the Culture of our Company. Our Value system is so strong which enable us to reinvent ourselves constantly to meet the Market dynamics with Vigor and Valor.

The company started with Oxyfuel Cutting and was the first to launch Plasma Cutting machines and has the best machines in these ranges in both Oxyfuel and plasma cutting.

In last few years, the demand for Laser cutting machines has been consistently growing and we came up with both Gantry and Unitized laser machines. That made us the only international company having the complete thermal cutting solutions with all the three technologies- Oxy-fuel, Plasma and Laser.

We have also diversified into value added products like the Plate Processing machine where we offered the cutting process combined with machining processes like Drilling, Milling & Tapping, etc., to make a complete component on machine.



Rail Analysis: What are the various features and benefits of your Oxyfuel, Piasma, and Laser Cutting machines?

Shri Mani Narayanan: Our machine comes with our own aggregates – That means other than Laser and Plasma resonators and the Motors all aggregates on our machine is our own products. That makes us the real OEM – not integrators.

As far as Plasma/Oxyfuel:

  • We have many technological advantages as compared to our competitors and our machines are highly productive, more reliable and cost effective.
  • Apart from this, we have strong application experience in sectors like windmill, yellow goods, ship building, transmission towers, beveling and many others.
  • Our machines will produce quality/ accurate parts at minimum cost.
  • This makes us to provide optimum solutions to our clients which can be more productive.

As far as Laser Machines:

  • Our laser products are offered in different formats, like Unitized and Gantry type machines along with Bevel solutions depending on customer needs.
  • We also produce Laser machines in combination with Plasma Process.
  • Our laser machines are cost effective compared to the industry leaders with comparable features and benefits.
  • Our laser Machines can be integrated with automated solutions like Auto sheet loading / unloading and sorting & storage of finished parts.

For more information, please visit: www.messer-cutting.com

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