Exclusive Interview with Shri Sourajit Mukherjee, CEO, e2E Rail SCM Solutions

Interview Insights:

“e2E Rail SCM Solutions is all set to transform the railway eco system with the help of technology to derive best value for contractors and manufacturers.”

Rail Analysis: What are the challenges in the rail construction industry which e2E Rail SCM Solutions will be solving for the stakeholders?

Shri Sourajit Mukherjee: The supply chain and project management process for asset creation in the railway sector is yet to see major technical breakthroughs. As 60% to 70% of rail infra contracts primarily consists of material sourcing and delays in this front can cause significant ripple effects on the entire project lifecycle, a platform that simplifies the process of procurement and delivery would greatly benefit both sides of the supply chain.

e2E SCM Solutions is the first of its kind initiative to introduce Full Scale Automated Supply Chain Solutions focussed on digitizing and organizing the entire value chain of rail infra construction under one platform. This can streamline the entire procurement and project management process and offer best prices, lower lead times, and flexibility on payment process blended with engineering supervision for the contractors and assured volumes and timely payments for the manufacturers.



Rail Analysis: How can the rail stakeholders benefit from e2E SCM Solutions?

Shri Sourajit Mukherjee: The contractors who are engaged in the business of construction of railway infrastructure are our first clients. However, the beneficiaries of this model extend to all the stakeholders in the railway value chain. For contractors, helping to analyse the BOQ, selecting the right vendor, PO finalization to supplier and material inspection, and finally providing support till the point when the delivery is completed – the platform provides a transparent end-to-end solution under one roof.

Competitive prices, lower material lead times, real time updates on order status, optimized use of manpower, flexible payment process blended with engineering supervision of projects provides significant relief to the contractors and derive better margins for them in the project lifecycle. In project management services, this platform can ensure timely and accurate billing, proper execution as per designs eliminating rework due to snags, reduced manpower idle time, engagement of proper subcontractor and 360-degree supervision of the contract till commissioning and handover. Manufacturers shall get assured business volumes, increased market reach, timely payments, and increased capacity utilization. For end customers, they can get quality material at the fastest turnaround time within their sanctioned budget from the same contractors they use to earlier struggle after award of the contract. As e2E also is known for its engineering prowess, the end customer can also be assured on the execution accuracy from engineering side if the contractor outsources its project management also via e2E SCM Solutions.



Rail Analysis: What is the technology you are providing?

Shri Sourajit Mukherjee: We are using a tech enabled supply chain platform which have both customer and vendor UI with both PC and mobile compatibility. The entire transaction from receipt of enquiry to order generation till delivery of materials and payments can all be done through a simple dashboard which can handled by any designated person from the client or customer. This is going to provide a real time status for each step of the value chain from manufacturing, inspection till delivery to provide real time status of ordered material at any point of order lifecycle. As we are also partnering with several NBFC to extend credit facilities, the client can use direct or channel finance option to fund their transactions directly through the dashboard, however the credit limits shall be decided by the financial institution as per eligibility.



Rail Analysis: What is the kind of growth and scale e2E SCM Solutions is looking at in the next couple of years?

Shri Sourajit Mukherjee: e2E Rail has managed over 100 railway projects in the last decade, handled the procurement of more than $20 million worth of materials in the last 3 years for railway projects and serviced more than 50 railway end customers and contractors through its custom designed procurement platform.

We are looking to handle a business volume more than $100 million in the next 2 years given the strong pipeline of enquiries and market requirement. Therefore, e2E SCM Solutions is all set to revolutionise the rail infra business.

Please visit e2E SCM Solutions website – www.e2escmsolutions.com for more information.

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