Extra Revenue Generator from Advertisement System in Metro Train

I want to dedicate this article to BMRCL Project Manager (Shri.J.Jha) and BMRCL DRSE (Shri N.M. Dhoke).

When I was working for BMRCL, DRSE and PM wants to bring new things in Passenger information communication system of Bangalore metro for advertisement inside the train system they have asked me to study on the above topic in other metro system.

This article describes overview of Advertisement system of interior and exterior of Metro Train system

The Users of Indian Metro include various people such as business people, Employee, Students and tourists. Metro’s in India are in closed environment of Train Interiors and Train Stations.

Therefore advertisements tend to be seen easily. Client can select different types of advertising media according to their needs such as Digital Signage transmits image or video clip play, Poster and stickers inside the train.

Apart from generating revenue through fares, there exist many other avenues for Metro operators to generate revenue. While advertisements are predominantly found within trains and stations and are often overlooked, what really catches everyone’s eyes are the train wraps.

Interior Advertisement :

Advertisement inside the trains

1. Advertising on Digital Display Screen :

By using train communication system (Passenger Information and Automatic Announcement System) introduce display unit for displaying the Advertisements in Full HD video format and without audio. Example in metro 6 car system in each car at least 4 display units, total per train 24 display units can be installed (depends on Project specific).

Display Unit can be 19 inch, Split screen system the 80% area of the display screen shall be used for advertising and remaining 20% area of display will be used to display the passenger information board in form of scrolling text (information about current, Next & destination station)

2. Advertisement Board :

Poster or sticker can be placed on advertisement board inside the train.

As one of the most cost-effective mediums, these ads cover some of the most diverse commuter demographics. Interior train advertising acts as an immersive passenger experience, as your message is displayed right in front of your audience when and where they are in need of a distraction.

3. Advertising on Strap Hanger :

A metro train is a strategic place because people will be exposed to the advertisement for a long time. Thus, the brands are fighting to get access to this location. There may be traditional posters on the windows, advertising on the handles or classic screens. It can be powerful because ads are at eye level and close to people.

Images Credit : Daxue consulting

Exterior Advertisement :

Poster or sticker can be placed on car body of the train

Author : Mr. Chandan Kumar P

– Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Electronics & Communication Engineering in 2009

– As a Rail Engineer with impressive 9+ years working experience in Rolling Stock + Signalling, Design Engineering, Verification & Validation, System Specification, Testing & Commissioning, Maintenance, Modifications, Troubleshooting for various projects

– My Engineering forte is in Design, Schematics, pneumatic review, TCMS interface, Signalling CBTC U400 System, Verification, Validation and Testing & Commissioning

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