Future Rail India Summit 2017

Future Rail India Summit 2017

Future Rail India Summit 2017   Date of Event: 16/2/2017

Event Type: Summit and Expo

Focus Area: Maintenance & Modernization

This summit in India will feature presentations from international rail thought leaders, experts in the transportation sector. It also brings together technology providers, policy makers, and decision makers from Ministry of Railways, private and public sector stake holders, who will discuss, provide insight and identify technology and best practices for smooth operations. The summit will focus on various aspects of upgradation and modernisation projects related to planning, financing, construction, technology, operations and management.

Indian railways has the world’s fourth largest rail network in the world with a total fleet of 62000 coaches running in around 12600 trains and carries over 25 million passengers daily. To meet growing expectations of the passengers for comfort and safety, Indian Railways has chalked out a plan to invest US $ 140 Billion in Infrastructure upgradation and modernization in the next five year. Railways has proposed to increase the speeds of higher number of trains from 100/110 to 130, therefore upgrading the technology for existing rolling stock. This also comes with judicious electrification of tracks along with enhancement of terminal capacity. A Mega scheme for redevelopment of 400 railway stations on PPP model with a zero-accident mission is under commensuration.

Under its Vision 2020 Indian Railways has decided to start building High Speed Rail lines to move ahead in adapting to advanced technology. With the implementation of HSR, transport capacity will improve by four to five times of normal capacity. Enhanced benefits of developed rail based transportation in India will lead to reduced road congestion, reduced pollution and an improvement in stable urbanization.

Future Rail India Summit 
Venue: New Delhi, India
Dates:  Feb 16th to Feb 17, 2017
Entry:  Registration Link 
Show website : www.futurerailindia.com