Global Expression of Interest invited for providing consultancy services for Pune-Nasik Semi-High Speed Rail project

The Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC) has invited Global Expression of Interest (GEoI) from Foreign/Multinational Indian Consultant/Firms/Agencies for “Providing Consultancy Services in connection with Proof Checking of Indian Railways Standard Specifications, Guidelines & Design parameters for various components of Broad Gauge Railway Line for its suitability for Running of High Speed Passenger Trains upto 250 KMPH & suggesting modifications required, if any and Association during implementation of project as Technical Advisory Body / Consultant, if required by MRIDC”.

Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC), is a joint venture of Govt. of Maharashtra and Ministry of Railways for implementation of various Railway Projects in the territory of Maharashtra in India. MRIDC has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of New Broad Gauge Railway Line project between Pune – Nasik Section of Central Railway. Hence, MRIDC is exploring the possibility to construct the track having Speed Potential of 250 KMPH.


  • Start Date of downloading GEOI documents/ Application Form: 08/06/2020
  • Last date for submission of queries: 18/06/2020
  • Last Date & Time of submission of application: 29/06/2020 before 03:00 PM


The purpose of inviting this GEoI is to empanel eligible Foreign or Multinational Indian Firms/Agency/Consultant having experience / capability in Design of various components of Railway Line including Bridges and providing Technical Advisory Services / Consultancy Services for Railway Projects.

MRIDC is implementing Broad gauge rail line project between PUNE-NASIK for a route length of about 234 KM. The freight trains as well as passenger trains are planned to run on this system. Freight trains having axle load of 25T at maximum speed of 110Kmph and IR Passenger trains with axle load of 17T will run at a maximum speed of 160Kmph. In addition to this, MRIDC has also planned to run a Broad gauge semi-high speed EMU (Electric multiple unit) at a speed of 200Kmph initially, to be increased to 250 Kmph after withdrawal of freight trains from system at a later stage, after getting the additional passenger traffic potential.

All the Indian Railways Standard Specifications, Guidelines & Design parameters for various components of Railway Line are to be proof checked for Passenger trains having 17T axle load with speed potential of 250 KMPH and suggest any modifications / recommendations, if required and also associate during implementation of project as Technical Advisory Body / Consultant, if required by MRIDC.


  • Consultancy services is to be provided for the following components of High Speed / Semi High Speed Railway Network / Corridors:
    1. Railway Embankment & Formation
    2. Transverse Section & Track Structure
    3. Railway Track Ballast
    4. Overhead Equipment
    5. Signalling and Telecommunication
    6. Various Bridges
    7. Suggesting maintenance standards & practices for these components to be followed by MRIDC
  • Discussing details with MRIDC and to carry out detailed study of all the relevant Indian Railways Standard Specifications and Design Parameters for various components of Railway lines.
  • Concept plan as per finalised design in consultation with MRIDC and preparation and submission of Detailed Analytical Report.
  • The design specifications of Indian Railways need to be checked with respect to prevailing UIC and other Codes used for the Railway Lines and Bridges for High Speed Trains.
  • Check the suitability of the Standard Specifications and Design Parameters of Indian Railways for various components of Indian Railway Lines to cater Passenger trains having Speed Potential upto 250 KMPH and provide with appropriate detailed explanations and analysis carried out.
  • If the Standard Specifications and Design Parameters of Indian Railways for various components of Railway Lines are not suitable for Passenger trains with Speed Potential of 250 KMPH then suitable up-gradation, modification and customization shall be provided by the consultant to suit the Indian Railway condition for satisfactory functioning of Passenger trains with speed Potential upto 250 KMPH.
  • Copy of Standard Drawings of Indian Railways will be made available while awarding the contracts.
  • Any other or all services not specifically mentioned herein but required for the proper and successful completion of the project in accordance with RDSO standards including Indian Railway Specifications or Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) etc. or as specified by MRIDC, whether applicable.
  • Consultant will arrange to provide all relevant specifications and standards that may be required for enabling Railway / RDSO / MRIDC take or accept decision pertaining to Works or System.
  • Consultant shall also be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the work. Mere acceptance by MRIDC shall not relieve consultant of their professional obligations to correct at their own cost any errors in their work.
  • The detailed methodology of required modifications to be carried out for various component of Railway Line should be provided. The Consultant will be required to give presentations of the detailed methodology to Railway / RDSO / MRIDC for acceptance of the analysis, designs & modifications submitted by Consultant for getting the authentication / approvals from Railway/Approving Authority.
  • The Consultant’s representatives presence is mandatory for presentations on the design and specifications submitted by Consultant, their association / visits to Ministry of Railways / RDSO / MRIDC offices is required till the approval process is complete.
  • Modifications / corrections required if any, also needs to be carried out by the Consultant for approval and acceptance by Approving Authorities.
  • The Consultant may be required to effect some modifications in the design/drawings as per the conditions encountered at site during the execution of the work or to produce design/drawing related solutions to problems which may arise during various stages as and when so necessitated and directed by MRIDC.
  • The Design consultant shall take utmost care to provide economical and safe design for various components of High Speed / Semi High Speed Railway Network / Corridors duly keeping in view the requirement as per various codes and standard practices of Indian Railways.

The “Global Expression of Interest” (hereinafter referred to as “GEoI”) document can be downloaded free of Cost from MRIDC’s official website i.e.

Queries may be submitted to  and  .

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