Golden Rock Workshop bags Railway Board Award for Innovation on IoT based Energy Management & Condition Monitoring System

Golden Rock Workshop (GOC) from Southern Railway has bagged the first prize jointly with North East Railway for best Innovation o­n Indian Railway. GOC workshop has bagged this award for developing & implementing IoT based Smart Energy Management & Condition Monitoring System for Energy intensive machines and Substation Low Tension (LT) panels.

  • Organised Annually by the Efficiency and Research Directorate of Railway Board, the Best Innovation carries a cash award of Rs 1.50 Lakhs.
  • From Southern Railway workshops, GOC workshop has participated in the above scheme for the year 2019-20.
  • Due to Covid-19, assessment and declaration of results were delayed and the results announced now.  

About the Energy management system:

  • GOC workshop is an Energy management system (EnMS) & GreenCo (Gold rated) certified workshop.
  • This necessitates monitoring of Electrical Energy Consumption upto micro level.
  • Around 300 smart Energy meters have been provided in Substation feeders & around 150 Energy intensive machines for Micro level Energy monitoring.
  • Since manual collection of data is not paving the way for dynamic control of Energy consumption, it was proposed to install IoT based Smart Energy management system.
  • Cost of the IoT based Energy Management System available in open market is exorbitant and the firms were demanding Rs. 25,00,000/-.
  • Hence it was decided to develop indigenous Energy Management System using the technical know-how of staff which cost around Rs, 25000/-.
  • The system thus developed was collecting data from Energy meters, and uploaded them to cloud & generated consolidated reports for critical analysis of Energy consumption pattern.
  • Since the system is fetching energy consumption data every second, it has become a handy tool for Energy planning and Identification of High Consumption Machines, Utilisation Pattern and idle running of machines, thus making identifying and monitoring of energy systems easier.

Condition Monitoring:

  • Further, temperature sensors provided in Substation LT feeders are also connected to the IoT based Energy Management System for condition monitoring of feeder termination & temperature readings.
  • Thus the data obtained will indicate the Loading pattern, Peak and Off Load Condition of feeders so that Concerned Section In-charges could take corrective action as a predictive maintenance in order to avoid power interruptions & fire hazards

IoT based Energy management & condition monitoring system installed is not o­nly cost effective but has prevented the dependency o­n supplier also for software updation & inclusion of additional nodes. It can also be installed in o­n Board Equipment of carriages and Locomotives and also in machineries & plants to assess their healthiness.

Advantages of the Energy Management & Condition Monitoring System includes:

  • Elimination of restriction of Number of Meters and length of communication cables has saved huge cash.
  • Total Elimination of dependency o­n suppliers for software and customization since software is in house developed.
  • Huge Reduction in cost of project since it was developed and installed at a meager expenditure of Rs.25000/-
  • Utilization and Energy consumption pattern can be monitored for each M&P.
  • Breakdowns can be prevented.
  • Optimum transformer loading can be ensured.
  • Using the system as a platform for development of Condition Monitoring System for passenger coaches, batteries, o­n Board AC and TL Components, critical parameters of M&Ps and water Management etc.

The team involved for the Project Development were Shri T.John Arul Doss, Dy Chief Electrical Engineer, (now Retd), Shri L.Balaji, Senior Section Engineer (Trainee) Electrical/GOC, Shri S.Ganesan, Senior Section Engineer /EMW/GOC, Shri J.Ravikumar, Senior Section Engineer /PH/GOC (Now Retd) , Shri M.P.Karthikeyan and Shri P.Sekar, Technicians.

Source: Southern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Southern Railway