Heritage Conservation Committee approves redevelopment of Nagpur Railway Station

The Heritage Conservation Committee held its meeting on 13.08.2020 at Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Head Quarters to discuss and consider the proposal of Redevelopment of Nagpur Railway Station submitted by Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC), a special purpose company incorporated under the aegis of Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA), Ircon International Limited (IRCON) and Rail India Technical and Economic Services Limited (RITES).

In order to facilitate and promote a very important programme of Government of India, IRSDC has been designated as Nodal Agency for the development/redevelopment of all railway stations across the Indian Railway network and also the main Project Development Agency (PDA). The Union Government has also given the power to IRSDC for approving its plan under Section 11 of the Railways Act 1989. IRSDC shall consult Urban Local Bodies/other statutory authorities while approving its plan so that the development is harmonious to its surrounding development generally following the National TOD Policy. No change of land use is required pan India by railways for developing railway land for commercial use. 

In order to de-risk the project, IRSDC processes to obtain approvals. As part of the same, IRSDC submitted a detailed proposal to Nagpur Municipal Corporation and “Heritage Impact Plan” to Heritage Conservation Committee, Nagpur. The Heritage Conservation Committee consisting of eminent architects, engineers and environmentalists considered this proposal on 13.08.2020. Presentation was made by the project French Architects firm M/s. ENIA Design private ltd, and IRSDC by video conferencing due to Covid-19 circumstances. The committee approved the proposal with appreciation vide its minutes dated 07.09.2020 and circulated to all. 


  • Nagpur Railway station has a historical significance and it is a Grade-II heritage building as per Gazette list. 
  • Construction was done in early 1900s and the Railway Station was officially inaugurated on 15 January, 1925 by then Governor Sir Frank Sly. 
  • The main building of Nagpur Railway Station is made up of Kan han yellow sandstone just like other colonial structures of the Orange City such as RBI, High Court and other prominent buildings. The Nagpur Railway Station is built in Classical Block Style, also known as the “Beaux-Arts style.” 
  • The building was designed for natural ventilation and features large volumes in spaces including high ceilings and buffer space on facade on West Side to reduce heat gain. 

Heritage Strategy: 

  • Heritage Grade II buildings presents regional and local importance, along with special architectural, aesthetic merit, its cultural and historical significance, workmanship, ornamentation, climate responsive architectural. The Heritage Impact Assessment Report/plan prepared considering all these aspects. 
  • The existing building is surrounded by similar looking buildings constructed by Railway over the years. The proposal is to ‘ De-clutter’ heritage buildings by relocating the surrounding buildings, enhance beauty and grandeur of the heritage building. Also it is proposed to introduce lift for universal accessibility and modernize without disturbing the heritage. 
  • Segregating passenger flows in the station so as to minimize cross movement and clutter during peak hours. 
  • Clearing the circulation corridors which are at present being used as station admin functions in ground floor. 
  • Cleaning the elevation of the heritage block and improving facade lighting to emphasis its look and feel. 
  • To streamline facade controls in terms of signage (colour, type, size, etc.) 

Source: IRSDC-Press Note | Image Credit: IRSDC