High Precision Quality Springs


Asian Wire Forming and Springs Pvt. Ltd. was established by Mr. A. K. Singh in the year 1999. Since our inception, we have consistently endeavored to service excellence through each and every product. The plant is located only 40 km from Delhi International Airport which makes it easily accessible from each and every corner of the country.

We are the leading supplier of Industrial Springs and Wire forms /Strip parts in Northern India and we continuously strive to become the leading supplier worldwide. We supply our products to all parts of the country as well as export them to the UK, Israel, Australia, and Malaysia. All our parts are manufactured on Taiwanese & Korean CNC Spring Forming Centres. We employ state of the art manufacturing processes which are in accordance with the Japanese / Indian production processes.

Our Products Range Includes:-

Compression / Torsion / Tension / Double Torsion / Kick Start Springs, Leaf / Strip Springs, Carbon Brush Spring, Drive Roller Spring, Pressure Strip Springs, Rings, Wire Form Parts, Special Washers, Retainer Washer, Hook, Conical Springs, Tripping Leaf Spring Power Spring and Main Springs. Our products are used in Automobiles, Electrical Switching System, Weighing Scales, Starters, Dynamos, Ignition Coils, Washing Machines / AC / Refrigerators, Valves, and Railway Braking Systems, etc.


To create a fully synergetic environment in which we can deliver exactly what the customer needs and when he needs it.
We employ 100% in-house processes to ensure advanced high precision tooling. All our processes are completely automated to ensure that each and every product is of the highest quality.


It is the mission of Asian Wire Forming and Springs Pvt. Ltd. to set the standards for quality and ensure timely delivery to all our customers while maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing.

We strive to be good stewards of the environment and socially responsible through our actions. Acting with integrity assures that we always uphold our values.


We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet the customer’s requirements. We recognize the fact that the quality of our products has a powerful impact on our customer’s manufacturing and thus, his repute. Continuously improving our operations in order to deliver quality products is what we strive for.


We always ensure a fruitful cooperative relationship with our suppliers. When doing our business we make sure that our focus is on our mutual benefit in terms of cost, delivery, and performance.

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.