HMRTC invites tender for advertising rights, station naming rights & Co-branding at Rapid Metro Gurugram

HMRTC invites E-Tenders from suitable Bidders who may be a sole proprietorship firm, a partnership firm or a company having registered office in India & incorporated under the companies act 1956/2013 or a combination of above in the form of Joint Venture (JV) or Consortium for Exclusive advertising rights, station naming rights & Co-branding, train advertising and commercial retail space (Concourse Level) at Rapid Metro Gurugram.

  • Tender Reference Number: Tender No.HMRTC/PB/2022/14
  • Name of Work: Exclusive advertising rights, station naming rights & Co-branding, train advertising and commercial retail space (Concourse Level) at Rapid Metro Gurugram.
  • EMD: INR 3.16 Crore
  • Document Download Start Date: 22nd September, 2022
  • Document Download End Date: 21st October, 2022
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 03rd October, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 03rd October, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 21st October, 2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 21st October, 2022


  • To augment non-operational revenue of HMRTC through advertisements/retail space.
  • Position Rapid Metro as one of the most sought after locations for advertising.
  • Contribute to the aesthetical view of the Rapid Metro through high quality advertising comparable to world class Airports & Metro Railways and other leading destinations.
  • Provide value to the Corporate who advertises in Rapid Metro.

Scope of Work:

  • Advertising Rights, Semi-naming or Co-branding, Train Advertising The selected Bidder shall have the exclusive rights to design, procure/manufacture, install, manage, operate, maintain, market and sell outdoor advertising opportunities at outside Selected Rapid Metro Stations/Depots as detailed in Annexure-1, of the RFP document subject to the terms and conditions specified in the License Agreement. The Licensee shall be responsible for the following activities:
  • The details of minimum chargeable inventory/area at said advertisement section in Rapid Metro Gurugram Line are as per Annexure-1.
  • The advertiser/Licensee shall provide the advertisement as per their requirement, subsequent to the prior approval of HMRTC. All advertisements displayed shall be in accordance with the provisions of bye-laws 2022.
  • All the advertisements panels along with its accessories/electrical-cables etc. available in the section shall be property of the licensee on “as is where is basis” after signing of licence existing panels or dispose them but it has to be ensured that all advertisements displayed shall be in accordance to the provisions of bye-laws 2022.
  • Advertisement inventory shall include spaces at metro stations, semi-naming rights or Co-branding and train advertising. The scope includes all trains, the wrapping of trains (if or whenever authorized), all stations, but not limited to naming Rights for the stations, Activation areas / Floor displays, Lightboxes, Front lit panels, Snickering, digital including LCD & LED Screens, Sponsorship of any kind, any kind of Audio and/or Video media, etc…all advertising media options available or developed in future.
  • The Licensee shall propose their advertisement plans along with the design calculations regarding safety/integrity of the advertisement panels for prior approval of HMRTC before putting up any advertisement on any of the advertisement panels.
  • The advertiser/Licensee shall be submitting a list of proposed inventory (consisting of minimum chargeable area offered as per Annexure-1 along with any additional area that the licensee wishes to utilize during the tenure of the contract) only for schedule I for its approval by concerned MCG. HMRTC shall put up the proposal for approval of such inventory with the concerned MCG when such request is received from the licensee.
  • The licensee shall not be eligible for any compensation /concession on account of delay/denial of approval of such inventory (not part of Annexure-1) from the MCG. The minimum area chargeable for advertisements on Exclusive Advertising Rights, Station Naming Rights & Branding, Train Advertising and Commercial Retail Space (Concourse Level) at Rapid Metro Gurugram shall be as per schedules (I-V) given in Clause 1.3.
  • The additional area up to 10% variation of the area in the said section as per Annexure-1, shall be charged on pro rata basis at the applicable prevailing rate of monthly License Fee per per month. For the variation more than 10% upwards, the rates will be decided through negotiations. Notwithstanding the proposed inventory as per Annexure-1 as mentioned above, licensee may apply for any additional inventory in addition to proposed minimum chargeable inventory as detailed in Annexure-1 as per their requirement as per terms & conditions of the contract agreement during the tenure of the contract, subject to the aforesaid maximum limits.
  • The proposed inventory at the selected metro stations shall be re-furbished by the licensee as per HMRTC’s specifications at their own cost and shall be available for utilization by Licensee for commercial advertisements as per terms & conditions of the contract. At no stage immediately after the fitment period of 90 days, any installed advertisement panels/ prefabricated panels even if more than proposed/approved inventory of the Licensee should be left blank or unattended and all panels should have advertisements / displays mounted on them and shall be maintained/ updated properly by the Licensee. And, for the intervening time, when the licensee is not fully utilizing the same, it shall not bear a barren, deserted & shabby look; and presents a pleasant & aesthetic view of the station.
  • If the licensee is not able to utilize the installed advertisement panels/ prefabricated panels, licensee shall display HMRTC message(s) on vacant panels for which write up shall be provided by HMRTC. However, advertisers shall be permitted to mention their contact details on the same. However, if the licensee fails to update unutilized inventory within 30 days of providing HMRTC messages after the fitment period of 90 days,HMRTC may provide the same and recover the cost from the licensee. A suitable penalty may also be applicable in case any panel is left blank after the fitment period.
  • If the licensee uses more than minimum chargeable/ offered area, as per Annexure-1, the same shall also be charged as per the terms and conditions of the license agreement.
  • The excess installed inventory in addition to proposed one available (if any) is to be dismantled & disposed-off by the licensee at their own cost from HMRTC premises within 75 days of signing of licence agreement for the metro stations. HMRTC shall not have any claim with regards to such disposal.
  • Preparation of an advertising plan for each advertisement site which must clearly earmark exact locations and type of advertisement planned for each advertising site and other relevant details. HMRTC shall consider the plan with respect to aesthetics, operational feasibility, safety and security concerns as well as provisions of bye-laws 2022. If the part of plan is not approved by HMRTC, Licensee is required to submit revised plan for approval. All further modification/revision in plans requires HMRTC approval.
  • Designing of all advertising units/structures to complement station architecture for advertising sites.
  • Procurement, fabrication, installation & erection of advertising units. Advertisement inventory shall include spaces outside selected metro stations, viaduct, foot over bridge and any other HMRTC building and structure only and no advertisement shall be allowed on the inner side of the metro stations. The minimum chargeable area in the above said section shall be as per Annexure-1. Licensee shall accordingly prepare the plan for approval of HMRTC.
  • Appoint a representative to interact with nodal HMRTC representative to bring clarity in understanding of spaces, to coordinate and implement decisions taken. Operate, manage and maintain the entire advertisement plans.
  • Management of sales & marketing of the advertising including providing adequate professionally trained manpower. Promote HMRTC amongst India’s top three Destination Brands for Advertising.
  • Obtain all approvals, permits, etc. from all competent authorities including different tiers of government, statutory, local, Civic Authorities, etc. if needed at their own cost.
  • Comply with all statutory requirements in connection with License Agreement.
  • Ensure regular and timely payments of all amounts due to HMRTC and discharge all obligations as per License Agreement.
  • All applicable taxes including Municipal/Advertisement Taxes, GST and all other statutory dues where applicable shall be borne solely by the licensee without any contest.
  • All the advertisement sites and formats proposed by the licensee are subject to prior approval by HMRTC with regard to operational feasibility, aesthetics, and safety & security concerns. Licensee shall prepare the plans accordingly for approval of HMRTC & shall properly maintain the panels with advertisement displays.
  • The approximate area, trains/Stations available for licensing in separate schedules are as under:
UnitNo./ Area
1Advertisement (Outdoor, Portals/Viaduct, Piers)sq.mtr4,000
2Station Naming Rights Co-branding
a. SikanderpurStation1
b. Phase IIStation1
c. Belvedere TowerStation1
d. Cyber CityStation1
e. Moulsari AvenueStation1
f. Phase IIIStation1
g. Phase I Station1
h. Sector42-43Station1
i. Sector 53-54Station1
j. Sector 54 ChowkStation1
k. Sector 55-56Station1
3Train BrandingTrain11
4Built-up Commercial Retail Space at Concourse,858

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Source: HMRTC -Tender | Image Credit (representational): Gurugram Rapid Metro