How Mitutoyo And Its Future Solutions Are Reshaping The Manufacturing In Railways

Mitutoyo was founded in 1934 by Mr. Yehan Numata in Tokyo with one product – The Micrometer, under the motto “Quality First”. Subsequently, the product range was expanded over the next several years with focus on R&D and production efforts to create the most advanced 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines, Form Measuring machines, Height Gauges, Hardness Testers, Optical and Vision Measuring Machines, Scales and Sensors, Micrometers, Calipers, Indicators, and various other high precision measurement instruments.

Growing demand, attractive opportunities, and policy support from the government have been the reasons that we can see a three-fold times increase in average construction per year in Indian Railways from 2004-14 to 2014-18.

However, traditional approach towards manufacturing procedures and techniques have been considered a big reason for hindering the pace of this growth; to overcome this challenge, manufacturing industry needs to move towards IoT, and measuring technology to evolve continuously.

Investment into latest and quality assurance measures means investing into the company’s success – and as a consequence – the company’s future.

Mitutoyo has always believed in growing together with the companies associated with manufacturing sector by providing them “Solutions for future”.

In recent years, Mitutoyo has not only pursued the development of nanotechnology but also responded to the diversifying needs of industry and cooperated in the promotion of IoT and automated technologies.

Bringing a new form of measurement in the IoT era

The Mitutoyo group suggests innovation utilizing IoT for smart manufacturing through the three “M” s:-

  • Measure: Measure with precision.
  • Manage: Manage measurement data & measuring machines.
  • M2M: Machine-to-machine connection.

Converting the measurement data into actionable insights

Many companies find integrating measurement data collection into their network to be difficult. Numerous questions arise, such as: what technology is available, which products are better for an application, which supplier can be trusted as a partner to guarantee success, and so on.

‘MeasurLink’ software, a comprehensive data management solution, assists in analyzing and maintaining live data. It helps in ‘Connecting Factories’ by providing a platform to collaborate internally across departments, and also with suppliers & customers.

Making Smart factories even smarter

Communication and the ability to use the manufacturing data is what puts the ‘Smart’ in ‘Smart Factory’. Machines, robots, and measuring instruments must connect and communicate with each other in order to keep the factory running.

Therefore, the manufacturers require an IoT system that comprises all aspects of the production line, and this is exactly what Mitutoyo has to offer.

‘U-Wave’, the measurement data wireless communication system, collects data in the inspection process swiftly and accurately and increases a company’s competitiveness based on detailed data analysis

Mitutoyo will continue in its role as a world-leading company devoted to the untiring pursuit of leading technologies,

providing not just measuring tools but also measurement-related technologies. The company is committed to providing its customers the metrology solutions that are just right for their needs and serving them with the utmost care.

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.