In Discussion with Mr. Chirag Patel, Executive Director, Billets Elektro Werke Pvt. Ltd


Mr. Chirag Patel, Executive Director, Billets Elektro Werke Pvt. Ltd

Billets Elektro Werke Pvt Ltd is a pioneer of cable lugs and Crimping Technology in India, Manufacturing and marketing its products under the “3D” brand in both Domestic & International Markets. Mr Chirag Patel Speaks on how his company having risen from a humble beginning, is now looking confidently at the future. Mr Patel also observes that the power T&D industry could do better if it realizes the importance of quality lugs and scientific crimping technique.

Rail Analysis: Please provide the exclusive points about your products and services?

Mr. Chirag Patel: We are the pioneers and leaders of Lugs and crimping technology in India, and have been the key drivers to bring  about standardization in utilities and railways for cable lugs. The specifications for IS standards for lugs in India was developed in conjunction with our founder Mr.G.S.Patel.

We manufacture and export cable lugs, connectors, copper rods/tubes/strips and Split Bolts to countries like USA, Germany, Spain, Australia, UAE, S.Africa, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. We are also selling our products locally through a distribution network with local Domestic dealers.

Rail Analysis: Is the Indian market growing ? What are your projections for the next 3 years?

Mr. Chirag Patel: Yes most certainly is, in comparison to the export market. However demonetisation has taken a toll on growth numbers and so has time taken for the GST rollout. Next year and the year after look promising and we expect to grow at least 25- 30% in the local market. Solar and Renewable projects too are a major contributing factor to this growth.

Rail Analysis: You have a high percentage of your production going for exports. Please give details. What is the level of scope in near future?

Chirag Patel: We have a range of products that cater to most international standards like DIN, BS, JIS, Australian, UL, IEC etc. Around 40% of our sales is in the export market however we have seen a slowdown in Europe and Middle East these past couple of years. For the future we are focusing on the US market and have developed a number of UL approved products to market our products there.

Rail Analysis: How do you attempt to achieve quality control and optimum energy efficiency?

Mr. Chirag Patel: We are ISO approved and have UL listed products as part of our range. We have a fully equipped QC lab with no expense spared in terms of world class measuring and testing equipment like conductivity meters, hardness testers, profile projector, plating thickness tester, etc.

We regularly conduct energy audit and are constantly monitoring our power usage and maintaining load factor at our plant.

Rail Analysis: How R & D is done for reformations in your products? Please highlight?

Mr. Chirag Patel: R&D on cable termination products is the backbone of our company. We have a fully equipped tool room with an entire gamut of CNC machines. Most of our export customers favour us as we have a knack to developing tailor made and custom parts in the shortest possible lead time. We do not shy away from precision and complicated parts and our team of qualified engineers is the driving force behind this.

Rail Analysis: What policy matters you suggest to the Government for better business prospects?

Mr. Chirag Patel: We would like the government to ensure that uninterrupted power supply is provided to industries and equally important to improve the quality of the supply. There have been multiple times in the year that voltage fluctuation though out the day damages sensitive equipment like CNC machines and leads to a lot of downtime for repairs.

We would like to see major improvements in infrastructure in terms of roads, ports, etc. India inc. as a whole can certainly improve its productivity when the roads, the very arteries of trade and commerce, are improved.

We would like to see a major initiative from the government to invest in ITI institutes so as to improve the quality of skilled technicians and personnel. There is a drastic shortage of productive and skilled workers in India and industries are facing a great scarcity in this front.

Rail Analysis: Your personal hobbies?

Mr. Chirag Patel: I am very passionate about music and have been playing and studying guitar since more than a decade. I am equally passionate about riding sports bikes on the race track at Delhi and Chennai.

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