Infrastructure works for mobility improvement over North Central Railway targeted for completion in FY 2020-21

Mobility of trains o­n North Central Railways plays the most critical role in overall punctuality and average speed of trains from North to East, West and South. NCR carry more than 10% of total Indian Railways’ traffic with just 5% of its asset and has been working continuously to identify and execute critical works for improving mobility of trains.

  • In spite of Covid-19 situation, NCR has completed many important infrastructure works like:
    • Kanpur yard remodeling.
    • Replacement of 04 diamond crossing at Tundla.
    • Layout correction in Lalitpur & Khajuraho yard.
    • Commissioning of o­ne each ROB and RUB and closure of o­ne level crossing.
    • Platform raising at Mathura and Baad stations.
    • Automatic signalling in Sarsaul-Prempursection and Dankaur- Maripat third line.
    • Interlocking of 02 level crossings and provision of sliding boom o­n 09 level crossings.
    • New passenger lifts at Kanpur and Gwalior Stations.
    • 132 KV transmission line shifting work in national capital region for Gaziabad- Meerut Rapid transit system.
    • Provision of split ACs in place of centralized ACs in divisional traffic control.
    • Shifting of section control boards in individual rooms for prevention of Covid-19.
  • Moving ahead in this direction, North Central Railway is now working o­n additional infrastructure works for increasing mobility of trains targeted for completion in o­ngoing FY 2020-21. 
  • Critical track works of third line between Naini and Prayagraj Chheoki, increasing speed of Churk- Lusa stretch from existing 60 to 100 kmph of in Chunar- Chopan Section and provision of longer loop lines for handling long-haul trains at Dabhoura and Sikroda Kwanri stations are included in this list.
  • For improvement of loading related infrastructure commissioning of Ultratech cement siding at Harduaganj and Bevara, Pragati power house siding improvement at Bevara and its connectivity with Sankargarh station, improvement in NTPC siding at Meja and electrification of ballast sidings in Jhansi division are included under critical infrastructure works. 
  • For improvement in yard and train handling facilities at stations conversion of Sri Ghasinagar station from existing D to B class and yard remodeling of Yamuna Bridge station for direct reception and dispatch facility to trains are targeted.
  • Important signalling works for mobility improvement are:
    • Replacement of mechanical signalling with Electronic Interlocking at loco B-cabin Kanpur and A and B cabins of Juhi.
    • Upgradation of signalling system at Ranipur Road, Mau Ranipur & Rora stations in Jhansi -Banda section.
    • Commissioning of intermediate block signal (IBS) in Govindpuri -Bhimsen section.
    • Commissioning of automatic signalling in third line between Dankaur- Khurja in Gaziabad- Aligarh section. 
  • These works jointly identified by operations, construction, NCR project unit and divisions are critical to safe and efficient train operations and expected to yield long term benefits to mobility of trains over North Central Railway.

Source: North Central Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): North Central Railway

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